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Office Printers

We invented office printing more than 75 years ago, and our black and white and color office printers and multifunction printers have won awards and industry accolades ever since. Innovative features — such as mobile printing, WiFi connectivity and premium security — ensure you're always up to date with the latest commercial printer technology. Select business printers are eligible for free service with the Xerox® eConcierge supplies assistant program.

Xerox Office Printers: Types, Features, and Benefits

Busy offices need the speed and capabilities of our printers. Whether you want to print in color or black-and-white, you’ll get high-quality documents without sacrificing efficiency. Our printers are equipped with a variety of features to fit the needs of any office.

  • Multifunction. Fax, email, copy and print from one machine when you incorporate a printer with multiple functions. Our multifunction laser printers allow you to save space, time, and money by eliminating the need and maintenance of numerous machines. Streamline your workflow with a multifunction printer and increase productivity. Only interested in a multifunction machine? Shop exclusively from our collection of multifunction / all-in-one (AIO) printers.
  • Laser Printers. Xerox laser printers provide your business with fast and precise prints, all at affordable prices.
  • LED Printers. Xerox LED printers offer fast, high-quality prints while being very durable, ensuring your company's office budget is spent wisely.

These different types of printers are equipped with some of your favorite, most useful features including:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi. Go cable-free with Wi-Fi-compatible office printers. Reduce crowding around power outlets and save energy when you print via a wireless network. Easily connect multiple users with a printer that features built-in Wi-Fi. Only interested in a wireless option? Shop from our collection of wireless office printers.
  • Color Printing. Get vibrant images and graphics with quality you can depend on every time.
  • Black-and-White Printing. Only need to print in black-and-white? Our black-and-white printers deliver crisp text using toner. Toner lasts longer and is applied in a way that reduces smudging, so you get clean documents every time.
  • Smart Technology. Xerox ConnectKey® Technology allows you to securely access cloud-based data for convenient printing and processes from virtually anywhere via your mobile device or desktop.

Improve your business's internal efficiencies with Xerox today!

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VersaLink C8000


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Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled smart Workplace Assistant
  • Color printer with support for tabloid and banners
  • Ideal for mid-size workgroups who demand professional color
  • Superior reliability and exceptional media handling
  • Mobile print, app enabled, and multiple finishing options
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Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled smart Workplace Assistant

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Prices do not include applicable taxes, shipping, or handling charges and are subject to change without notice. Products are available to qualified business customers installing in the US; subject to applicable terms and conditions. Products may be either New or Newly Manufactured, Factory Produced New Model, Remanufactured; which have been produced to a Xerox pre-determined standard and may contain both new components and recycled components that are reconditioned.