Enterprise Content Management

Maximize your business potential

Xerox® DocuShare® is a content management platform designed to spark peak performance at your organization. When your company's digital files are on Xerox® DocuShare®, your staff can access the documents, images, layouts and presentations they need to collaborate, make informed decisions and get things done. By having all files in one place, DocuShare® improves workflow, and makes it easier to stay organized and stay on track.

Enterprise Content Management
Easily digitize, store, manage and secure business-critical information.
Process Automation
Automate key business process workflows.
Collaboration and File Sharing
Manage content in teams. Share and inspire.

We all have different organizational habits. Whichever you are, Xerox DocuShare can help.

Are You a Piler or a Filer?

Work made simple

DocuShare offers common capabilities across its portfolio of products and solutions whether implemented on-premise or in the cloud.

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Capture Simply and Seamlessly

Capture, index and store structured and unstructured content for simpler downstream use and help your office go digital.

Manage Information and Compliance

Categorize, store, organize and manage business content throughout its lifecycle.

Collaborate Better

Promote communication through document-level collaboration capabilities that help departments and distributed teams work more efficiently.

Keep Information Secure

Protect sensitive data and minimize your organization’s risk with user- and group-based access, auditable tracking and reporting and retention.

Access Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Use powerful search capabilities to find business-critical content online and offline whether at your desktop, on a mobile device or a multifunction printer (MFP).

Transformation through automation

Stop moving at the speed of paper. With the DocuShare® portfolio, you can accelerate and simplify business processes in key departments with next-level workflow automation.

Accounts Payable

Manage invoices better with an automated processes.

Accounts Payable

Manage invoices better with Accounts Payable solutions.

Accounts Payable solutions streamline invoice processing and payments, accelerate approvals and can reduce turnaround times from days or weeks to just minutes.

  • Easily upload invoices and AP documents from multiple sources — MFPs, scanners, fax, email, desktop, and intelligent capture solutions
  • Extract data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and index documents in a dynamic, point-and-click viewer
  • Coordinate invoice processing and approval with intuitive, mobile-friendly web interfaces
  • Connect to ERP and financial applications to validate invoices, and conveniently access them from those systems
  • Conveniently access and audit invoices with connectors to ERP and financial applications
  • Simplify compliance with reporting tools and approval history, available online 24/7
  • Archive completed documents in the secure, searchable repository
Policy Management

Manage organizational policies efficiently and compliantly.

Policy Management

Automate your approach to organizational policies.

Enable consistency in your day-to-day operations by making every step of creating and managing policies simple, collaborative and secure.

  • Create, update, review, approve and acknowledge policies and manuals in one location
  • Automate the timely review of policies, so the right version is always available
  • Accelerate reviews and updates with automated workflows and alerts
  • Personalize access by role and easily share useful content with others
  • Monitor real-time reporting and analytics from the dashboard viewer
  • Organize and store organizational policies in a secure, centralized repository
  • Quickly search and retrieve policies at the moment they’re needed
  • Access policies on the go from your smartphone or tablet
Contract Management

Centralize and streamline how you manage contracts.

Contract Management

Standardize and streamline the way you handle contracts.

Centralize all your company, vendor and customer contracts for fast retrieval and better compliance, enable collaboration and automates processes for greater efficiency.

  • Request, draft, review, negotiate, approve, store, renew and retire contracts in one location
  • Collaborate on contract edits and reviews with markup tools in a viewer
  • Track and manage contracts at every stage of the lifecycle
  • Accelerate approvals with automated routing to necessary parties
  • Quickly sign for legal approval with a digital signature
  • Easily search for and access contracts using metadata and keywords
  • Receive convenient, automated alerts for upcoming contract renewals
  • Enable outside parties to collaborate on contracts
  • Scan contracts to the solution using optical character recognition (OCR) to make them searchable


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