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Managing Paper, Process & Patients During a Health Crisis

In good times and in bad, healthcare providers must constantly balance the duties of compassionate patient care with the requirements of basic administrative tasks. The pressures placed on caregivers by the COVID-19 pandemic heightens the need for hospitals and other healthcare providers to make sure their systems are robust and adaptable, so that employees can swiftly process high volumes of critical information for disease testing, patient admissions and communications, and claims processing. A longtime partner to customers in the healthcare space, Xerox is here to help.

Mike Oren, Vice President of Enterprise Consulting Services at Xerox

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Fireside Chat with Mike Oren, Vice President Enterprise Consulting Services at Xerox.

Better Processes, Better Outcomes: Shifting the Focus from Paperwork to Patient

As the pandemic exposed serious gaps in our healthcare systems, it also accelerated long-overdue digital transformation within the industry. As many organizations are learning, this rapid change brings its own unique set of challenges. Mike Oren, Vice President of Enterprise Consulting Services at Xerox, taps into the company’s 40-plus years of partnership with healthcare organizations to explore these challenges while providing a unique perspective on how digitization and process automation can drive better patient outcomes.

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How Xerox Supports Healthcare

Seamless patient admissions & testing paperwork

Healthcare providers need to quickly and efficiently process patient data. By simplifying processes, healthcare providers can improve patient care, and healthcare payers and insurers can offer better customer service.

Our workflow automation solutions for the healthcare industry can serve as a bridge between your traditional print and cloud-based digital processes, to help you digitize paper forms for simple, seamless data collection.

Workflow Automation Solutions for Healthcare

Better outbound patient communications

Typical patient communications have been tested amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as hospitals strive to keep the public and their patients updated on COVID testing locations, notified when test results are ready, and more.

Digital Patient Services

Swift insurance paperwork processing

Increases in hospital admissions are leading to more paperwork and insurance processing.

We understand that documents – paper and digital – play a big role in the healthcare industry. Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) leverages device utilization and automation to streamline the documentation process while controlling costs. Better processes free up time for your staff to better serve patients.

Intelligent Workplace Services

Managing Mail with a Remote Workforce

Many existing healthcare billing and documentation processes are rooted in the receipt and circulation of hard copies of paperwork. With the pandemic, your mailroom resources are likely facing a surge in mail as important printed insurance information is sent and received. At the same time, some of your administrative staff may now be working remotely for their safety and wellbeing.

Xerox Digital Mailroom is here to help. Our technology will help you digitize documents, securely share them with our document-printing facilities, and make sure they are mailed and delivered on time.

Digital Mailroom Service

Featured Healthcare Solutions

Xerox® Team Availability App

As the workforce returns to the workplace, managers need to anticipate as much as they can which resources are – or will be – available. Xerox Team Availability is a secure web portal that makes it easy for staff to log their status to attend work. It's ready to roll out with no complex IT changes and no setup fee.

Man typing on laptop

Doctors working on a computer

In a Pandemic World, Let’s Get Healthcare Past Paper

It’s time to finally move beyond paper-based processes in healthcare. Check out these practical ways to get started.

Case Studies