Xerox® DocuShare® Flex: Cloud Content Management for the Digital Workplace

Do you have anything to share? Finding the right content management system — one that’s affordable and easy to adopt — can make all the difference in handling day-to-day business challenges.
DocuShare® Flex makes content collaboration simple. In Project: SET THE PAGE FREE, it’s helping bestselling authors work from anywhere via a secure, mobile-friendly interface.

Watch and see “what if?”

What if you could make all the paper in your office digital, and securely store documents to the cloud?

DocuShare Flex is a very simple, cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) content management system designed to help SMBs and enterprise departmental teams alike. Here’s what it can help your workgroup do:

  • Easily manage and organize business content.
  • Set up business rules to automate and drive common processes. Then save and reapply these rules to other departments.
  • Create user-driven workflows that do not require costly professional services.
  • Connect to line-of-business applications, like ERP, Accounts Payable and HR systems.
  • Add custom document types to support unique departmental needs.
  • Deploy in days, not months, with little to no IT support or employee training needed.
  • Get started immediately thanks to a cloud-based, intuitive design.
  • Work from anywhere via a secure, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Use a powerful search capability to find information in seconds.
  • Scale easily to meet changes in user numbers, storage space and specific process requirements.


Cloud-powered empowerment.

The power of the cloud enables easy configuration, setup and scalability, and it frees up your IT staff from the burden of administrative management. There’s no need to worry about security, either. Xerox follows industry best practices in cloud security — from encrypted user authentication to scheduled backups, off-site storage and site replication — and runs on the Microsoft® Azure® platform, a highly scalable and proven cloud-based platform, ensuring the safety and availability of our customers’ data.


Get the full Flex story.

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