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VersaLink® C8000

Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled smart Workplace Assistant


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  • Color printer with support for tabloid and banners
  • Ideal for mid-size workgroups who demand professional color
  • Superior reliability and exceptional media handling
  • Mobile print, app enabled, and multiple finishing options
Paper size
Up to
Up to
M-F, 8:00am - 8pm ET
Starting at
Estimated Retail Price
Standard functions
Cloud, Print
Print speed
Color: up to 45 ppm
Black: up to 45 ppm
Recommended monthly print volume
Up to 20,000 pages
Duty cycle
Up to 205,000 images/month
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis.
Standard paper capacity
1,140 sheets
Two-sided output
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Connectivity poses the risk of cyber-intrusion, but our ConnectKey® Technology protects from threats with strict printer security and data security.

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Xerox VersaLink C8000/C9000: Unrivaled Color

Best Printer We've Ever Had

Fantastic user interface. It works just they way we need it. Everything in the driver is where you'd expect. Very intuitive. Beautiful prints!!!! Holy cow. We didn't realize how terrible our Ricoh printer was in quality until we saw what this turns out. We can't recommend it enough! Our only complaint is the cost of the toner. :( Seriously guys? To be fair, Xerox isn't any worse than the rest of them but common!


We are a small business that prints A TON of tabloid booklets and full color adhesive labels. Years ago, we decided on Ricoh for our main printer. Their toner was far cheaper. The machines were probably about the same right? How different could they be? It’s just a printer. Our old Ricoh broke down. We couldn’t find anybody to do service on it. Looks like they are out of business now. ?? It was pretty old, so time to just buy a new printer right? We got the Xerox C8000. Wow!!! What a difference. This thing is amazing! I can’t overstate the value built into this thing. Such a pleasure to use. A very well thought out User Interface / experience with the driver and controls. Everything is easy to find and where you would expect it to be. 10x easier to use than our old Ricoh. I’m realizing now how much time we wasted everyday fighting with the fussy and awkward to use Ricoh. The print quality is 10 times better also. Beautiful and amazing prints. The paper feeds consistently with dead on precision in the alignment on the page. That is very important when you’re trying to print stickers with very low tolerance for bleed. This new Xerox is dead on EVERY time. I can imagine a better tool for the job. I’m a Xerox fan for life now! You guys rock! My only complaint is the toner price. Seriously? Common guys. To be fair, Xerox isn’t any worse than the rest of the industry. I’m surprised the Mexican Cartels haven’t gotten into the printer ink and toner markets yet.

Incentivized response.
Average Printer Prone to Breakdowns

We have had this printer now for a few years this Printer is pretty average but it breaks down and starts leaving streaks on everything, this is where the real nightmare begins trying to service this machine is like being stuck in an elevator music purgatory. I can't seem to find a helpful department I just get put on hold only to be told I'm not in the right department. I finally get a specialist scheduled only to find out this wasn't scheduled, even though my card shows you have a pending order. Honestly, it should not be this hard to get someone to come down and fix this!

Response from
I apologize that you are experiencing problems with your VersaLink C8000 device. We would be happy to help you resolve this. Can we recommend you check out this article from our Support page: Repeating Lines: If you are still experiencing problems after trying this, our technical support might be able to troubleshoot you through the issue. You can call us at 800-821-2797 to start the process. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with this issue. Thank you for the update that a Xerox specialist was able to come onsite to help resolve your issue. Hi, we actually got one of your specialists to come down and check it out he ordered the replacement parts and has been in contact with us every step of the way.
Really? Pay $3,000 for a Copier that doesnt SCAN?

Off to another brand that does not promote its amazing scanning capability when it has Zip for scanning capability. Note that none of their documents flag the point that this is not a full business performance copier. Nice expensive Boat Anchor

Response from
Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, the VersaLink C8000 is a printer only. If you want a device that does scanning, copying, and printing you would need a multifunction device like the AltaLink C8000 Multifunction Device. For more information on each device, please check out these pages: VersaLink C8000: AltaLink C8000:
New Xerox 8135

Delivery & installation process was a debacle. Any information given to me by my reps turned out to be misleading and downright wrong. After working for 3 weeks, it is now down & requires new parts which evidently are difficult to find. This brand new copier has been used for approx. 3 weeks and has now been down for 3 days. This is very unacceptable.

Response from
I apologize that you are experiencing problems with your VersaLink C8135 device. We recommend that you contact our Support Department and ask to speak with a manager regarding your concerns. You can call us at 800-821-2797. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with this issue.
Bakken PM
Connections are HARD

We are not able to use all the features, because the person that se the entire system up is no longer with us and we have no idea how to get ahold of rep for any support. I know this machine could be beneficial for what we could use it for, but at this point we have no idea how. PLEASE have someone contact us to see what we can do to get some support.


VersaLink C8000 BLI Summer 2019 Pick Award Winner

Outstanding Tabloid Color Printer for Large Workgroups

"With its perfect reliability performance, fast speeds in almost all of our tests, and impressive user-friendliness, large workgroups can rely on the Xerox VersaLink C8000DT to keep them productive"



Part # Description Price
VersaLink C8000DT; 12 X 18 Color Printer, 1200 X 2400 dpi, 45ppm Color/B&w, USB And Ethernet, 1.6 Ghz Processor, 4 GB RAM, 2-Sided Printing, 5" Touchscreen, 110 Volt

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