Advancing the Community

The Xerox Foundation Giving: Total

In 2010, 1,840 non-profit organizations, colleges and universities received direct financial support from the Xerox Foundation through grants, matching gifts or community involvement activities. We continued to focus our investments in these areas:

  • Education and Workforce Preparedness
  • Science and Technology
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Employee and Community Affairs
  • National and Cultural Affairs.

$12.5 million
$12.0 million
$12.6 million
$12.5 million
Xerox Community Involvement Program (XCIP):
Number of U.S. Employees Who Participated in Community Activities
Our ACS employees partnered with local schools in Dallas, Texas, to develop and implement “Readers Are Leaders” – a program aimed at improving reading skills and comprehension while stimulating a lifelong interest in reading.

When tornadoes ravaged parts of Alabama and north Florida, Xerox employees leapt into action. They donated and distributed urgently needed supplies, helped in the rebuilding efforts and loaned Xerox equipment to Red Cross relief offices. The Xerox Foundation also helped, donating $50,000 to the local Red Cross.

In Poland, our company partnered with local organizations to promote awareness of breast and cervical cancer in the “Love Your Life” campaign. The campaign targeted at-risk women in small towns who often don’t seek preventive care.

10,137 Employees

712 Projects



8,650 Employees
648 Projects

9,893 Employees
604 Projects
9,075 Employees