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Xerox and Section 508: Designing for Accessibility

Xerox has a long, proud tradition of designing products that are accessible to individuals with disabilities. When Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act made accessibility a requirement for all electronic and information technology used by Federal agencies, Xerox was already ahead of the curve. In keeping with the company’s long-standing commitment to accessibility, Xerox responded to Section 508 with extraordinary diligence.

The core value at Xerox is, “we succeed through satisfied customers”. Therefore, everything we do is customer-centric.  Accessibility requirements are integrated into the product development process - from product conceptualization through design, development and delivery, our aim is to provide all customers with equal access to our systems.

The Xerox Accessibility Design Process and Solutions

A fundamental difference in our approach to accessibility is that we do not just design to meet regulatory standards, but rather to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

In this endeavor, and with particular relevance to Section 508, we focus on physical design features as well as on software-driven assistive technology to fulfil our commitment.

Some examples of accessories we provide to for people with disabilities include:

Mobility Enhancements

  • Remote User Interface

  • Remote Operator Software Kit

  • Adjustable Control Panels

  • Time-out Notifications

Visual Enhancements

  • Simplified Displays

  • Backlit LCD

  • High Contrast Text on Screens

  • LED Indicators for Device Status

  • Output Separator Sheets

  • Offset Job Stacking

All of these initiatives and our product offerings are evaluated against Section 508 rules using the Voluntary Product Assessment Templates (VPAT).

A Long-Term Commitment

At Xerox we have a proud tradition of offering accessible solutions for more than 20 years. Xerox is committed to being the vendor of choice for customers seeking accessible solutions. That means providing customers with detailed, up-to-date accessibility assessments for the full line of Xerox products. We work closely with the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) who created the VPAT, as well as other Federal agencies. To find out answers to frequently asked questions:

Contact your local Xerox sales representative or call 800-ASK-XEROX.

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