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Creating Equity at Xerox with Accessibility: Human-centered designs

At Xerox, we believe that an equal and inclusive society is for all of us, and we continuously improve and reflect that in our designs. The Act of Equity integrates the needs of people with the possibilities technology offers – making it accessible, unbiased in both processes and products, and of course, providing equal attainable outcomes to all.

Adhering to the American Disability Act (ADA), Section 508 compliance for equitable access to technology and communication, and EU (EU301 549) are at the center of our business simply because its the right thing to do.

At Xerox, our business goals include the design of equitable user experience, driving human-centered design.

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Assistive Technology at Xerox

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to products, equipment, systems, that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. Xerox deploys built-in tools and optional accessories such as audible sounds, voice command solutions, remote mobility access, personalized printer screens with ample time-out settings, and more to improve technology effectiveness and ease of use, equitably for everyone.



approximately of people worldwide have a disability

Infographic showing 4 people. The 3rd person is larger.

1 in 4

Americans have a disability1

Icon representing an eye

Of those affected by disability in the US:


approximately are blind or have a severe visual impairment1

Icon representing sound waves


approximately are deaf or have a severe hearing impairment1

Group of people

Others have difficulty with speech, mobility, or cognition; mental disabilities; or problems with self-care and independent living1

* As seen in a CNET article

1 Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Assistive Technology at Xerox

The first step in determining a product’s potential to meet the needs of disabled people is a thorough diagnosis of the suite of tasks required to use that product. From loading documents into a printer to filling paper trays, setting job properties of a print job on a user interface to emailing a scanned copy, Xerox product development teams are consistently working to improve access requirements for Xerox® Products.

Overall Enhancements

  • Xerox 1-Touch App: Automate complex multi-step workflows, save time, and reduce errors for disability inclusion.

  • Touchless Workflow Accelerators: Can be used to copy, scan, fax, or even email without needing to touch the Control Panel or Home Screen. This ease of use for work tasks can be applied to a diverse audience.

  • LED Indicator Lights: LED lights (Blue, Amber, and Red) notify users of various device statuses or events with sound and visual cues, allowing everyone to fully engage with our printers.

  • Flexible Time-out Settings: Are used to customize time-outs on Xerox Printers’ touchscreens in sleep, low power, screensaver, and system modes. Allowing for more time for printer interactions.

  • Headphone Jack: Can be used to reduce background and surrounding noises in the office environment. Providing less distractions and more focus for all users.

Visual Enhancements

  • Xerox Windows Print Drivers (v4). Leverages Microsoft Accessibility: Accessibility technology settings help the blind and visually impaired easily navigate Xerox Printers with offerings such as Narration, high-contrast, inversion, and magnifying color filters.

  • Audible Tones: Assist the blind and visually challenged in navigating the printer for critical functions.

  • Voice Talk Back and Magnification: Helps the blind and visually impaired to navigate printer screens and listen to audio instructions on key printer functions.

  • Braille Labels – For Printer Trays, Card Readers: To help the visually challenged load, feed and adjust the input trays.

Mobility Enhancements

  • Remote Control Panels: Access and operate Xerox® Printers from the comfort of a remote PC.

  • Adjustable Control Panels: Available in three sizes: 5”, 7”, and 10”, tiltable, and can be viewed either sitting or standing.

Cognitive Enhancements

  • Customization and Personalization of the Home Screen: Provides equity to everyone by customizing features they personally want to use, on their walk up home control panel screen.

Accessible technologies and features will vary by Xerox Printer make or model. Refer to the model-specific user guides and VPAT located on the Xerox Accessibility website.

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Section 508 Product and Software Compliance Information

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