Greener World – Progress Report

We view sustainability not as a cost of doing business, but as a way of doing business – in our operations, throughout our supply chain, and in developing products and solutions to serve our customers.

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Environmental management Environmental performance reporting now occurring at all major Xerox facilities, whether manufacturing, office or warehouse. The new Xerox EA toner manufacturing sites achieve ISO 14001 certification

All manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 approach has been extended to U.S. warehouse operations

All manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001

Two facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track, bringing total to five

All manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001

Three facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track
Recycle rate (non-hazardous solid waste)

Our EA toner plant in Webster, New York, achieved waste-free status (zero waste to landfill).

We established a corporate waste-free goal for facilities to increase recycle/reuse rate to 97% by 2012.
93%, up 1% from 2008 92%, unchanged from 2007 92% 91%, unchanged from 2005
Water consumption

The environmental impacts of water use are monitored and managed throughout our worldwide operations.

The EA toner manufacturing process implemented changes that significantly reduced water consumption.

Down 7% from 2008

Down 26% from 2002
Down 15% from 2007 Up 2% from 2006 Down 3% from 2005
Energy consumption Energy consumption down 21% from 2002. Down 8% from 2008 Up 2% from 2007 Down 2% from 2006 Down 13% from 2005
Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions down 31% from 2002, the result of improved energy efficiency, new technologies and improved energy management practices.

We are in the process of reviewing our long-term objectives and path to progress to account for the addition of ACS people, facilities and work practices in our enterprise.

Down 11% from 2008

Down 31% from 2002
Down 20% from 2002 Down 21% from 2002

Down 11% from 2005

Down 18% from 2002
Products launched achieving the ENERGY STAR® rating (eligible products) 92% of new product launches in 2009 met the July 2009 rigorous ENERGY STAR® requirements. This includes the Xerox 700 Digital Color Press, a light production product, which is one of the fastest color products to achieve ENERGY STAR® rating. 92%, up 12% from 2008 80% 80%, down 20% from 2006 due to new ENERGY STAR specification 100%, unchanged from 2005
Waste diverted from landfills through equipment and supplies return reuse and recycling programs Xerox partners with a global recycler to introduce a “close the loop” program. The partnership brings two environmentally conscious companies together to collaborate on our new recycling program. It gives customers more choices in returning used imaging supplies – like toner bottles, cartridges, fusers and toner waste. 2.3 billion pounds since 1991 2.2 billion pounds since 1991 2.1 billion pounds since 1991 2.0 billion pounds since 1991