Reduce energy use to protect our climate

Industry must do its part to protect our climate. To this end, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting energy use in our facilities, investing in product designs that conserve energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and offering digital multifunction printers and energy-efficient solutions to our customers.
Carbon footprint reduction
  • In 2003, we made a public commitment to reduce (GHG) emissions – our carbon footprint – by joining the U.S. EPA Climate Leaders program and launching an internal program known as Energy Challenge 2012. We adopted a goal of reducing by 10% our absolute GHG emissions across all company operations, by 2012, from a 2002 baseline. We met this target six years ahead of schedule.
  • Recognizing our obligation to do even more, in 2007, we set a new and challenging goal to reduce our GHG emissions by 25% by 2012, from the 2002 baseline. At the conclusion of the Energy Challenge 2012 program, we successfully cut emissions by 42% or 210,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) while energy consumption was down 31% compared with 2002.
  • At the conclusion of Energy Challenge 2012, a new corporate-wide goal of 10% reduction in energy consumption by 2017 – from a 2012 baseline – was established, encompassing today’s entire Xerox.
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