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Employees standing together

Meet Our People

Here at Xerox, we offer the opportunity to explore, enhance your skills, and tailor your employee experience to reflect your unique strengths.

Our team's collective expertise spans a wide range of industries and disciplines, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where innovative ideas flourish. Each team member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, that propels us forward. We believe in the power of diversity, recognizing that it not only enhances our problem-solving capabilities but also fuels creativity and resilience. Choose an industry below to learn more about our employees.

Business Support

From Xerox Human Resources and Legal Counsel to Leasing, Procurement and more, key supportive roles help Xerox Corporation run smoothly.

Malik, HR Program Manager

"My role is HR Program Manager – Talent Management at Xerox. I’ve enjoyed other my time working at Xerox the Getting to take courses at the office for continued career development. I’ve had a blast attending company events, volunteer opportunities, and in office festivities during holidays to celebrate with people who I spend a great deal of my waking hours with. I feel a sense of community and belonging when I am at work due to our great team and culture and believe Xerox’s will help me reach my career goals!"

Phyllis, Managed Services COE responsible for Managed Services Billing and Inquiry, Strategic Program Leader

"My role as Strategic Program Leader supports the operation in managing and implementing project initiatives to develop or enhance new and existing processes, ensure compliance and drive efficiencies. My team is a diverse group of managers – some with long term Xerox careers and operational backgrounds in Base Business who were new to Managed Services. Others like me came to Xerox as part of a joint venture with a client. Prior to moving into Operations, my previous background and degree was in Finance. I find this very useful in analyzing processes and results. Nothing is constant in Services…. therefore our work style can be both casual and intense - depending on the situation or business need we are faced with. We are constantly evolving and I love the challenge and variety. I have been in this business group for seven years and I can honestly say that not a day goes by where I am not learning something new. I also love having the opportunity to be creative and try new things.

My future is bright and encouraging as my business unit continues to change and grow with ever-increasing responsibilities. Change and growth always bring new opportunities."

Business Services

Xerox Business Services employees work across a broad spectrum of industries to deliver knowledge-based services that drive down costs, improve processes and help customers focus on their core business.

Simon, Area Service Delivery Manager, Xerox Service Delivery Organisation, Large Enterprise Operations

My business group manages the delivery of outsourced services and technology services to a wide range of companies; from investment banks, pharmaceuticals, legal firms, communications companies through to retail organisations and manufacturers – many of them household brands. Often these services are delivered across multiple countries, or within multiple regions within one country.

As an Area Service Delivery Manager, I have responsibility for a number of clients, primarily financial and professional organisations, with whom we have contracts to manage various services or technology products. My role is to support and direct my team in supporting our clients and their objectives, and to act as an escalation point for when things go wrong. Our services and contracts need to continually evolve as our clients’ organisations evolve, therefore it is important that we foster these relationships and strive to continually innovate. My team are often based on client sites, managing these services as a core part of the client infrastructure, for example providing Managed Print Services in the headquarters of an investment bank. Many of the roles within my team are client facing and can be either operational, technical or management focused. 

I enjoy being constantly challenged by our clients’ objectives and being rewarded by the performance of my team in delivering them. This translates into what I find inspiring: the people I work with. Every day is different and within Xerox there is always the opportunity to work with different areas of the organisation, to meet new people and to find out what they do – I am constantly learning more about the organisation each day. An enjoyable career in which you will engage with like-minded people, be constantly challenged, work within a supportive and collaborative culture, have many opportunities for progression and actually feel like you can make an impact. Being able to create opportunities and promote people within my team who have demonstrated fantastic ability and talent. Xerox has helped support this through creation of development programs, secondment schemes, succession planning and through the investment in training and actually the investment in their people.”

Customer Care

Delivering a positive customer experience is one of our core values. From technicians answering phones in call centers to service specialists, via Xerox customer service jobs, we strive to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

Tomika, Customer Care Assistant

I work daily to enhance each customer’s experience for our client. Our call center supports software and hardware issues for multifunctional devices. I provide assistance on special projects that the client has deemed high-profile. I also enjoy assisting my coworkers by answering questions, mentoring, and filling in for my team coach when needed. The word diversity personifies my team. While we are a group of like-minded individuals, we are definitely individuals. We all originate from different places, and are members of different cultures and backgrounds. The majority of my teammates are senior agents. I believe we all work very well together and, with there being a wide range of skills and abilities found amongst us, we are all able to contribute and be a vital part of each other’s success. As I interact with my customers daily, it is a joy when I am able to educate one and have them truly understand the process we are undertaking. I also enjoy the opportunities to assist and/or educate my fellow employees to better aid in their understanding and success. 

I was seeking employment with a reputable company. I was looking for a position that would allow me to grow and advance professionally and financially.  Working for Xerox offers me the ability to do honest work that I truly find rewarding. I also feel that working for Xerox allows me, a single parent, to provide a life for my child that I can be proud of. I am most proud of the customer compliments and employee recognitions I have received since working here. Xerox has allowed me to spread my wings and branch out into a field I previously had no interest in. The higher ups appear to be taking notice and my ultimate goal would be to exceed the already high expectations of my performance and work to attain all future aspirations.”

Oladele, Technical Analyst

I am a Technical Analyst (supervisor) and I am responsible for providing technical support for the team and provide training for new employees. I take escalations in order to provide quick resolutions for customer satisfaction and ensure technical accuracy. My being diligent, professional and accurate ensures that our customers are well served and therefore happy to keep their business with us. 

My team is a group of diverse personalities from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. There are those who are quiet, some are more outspoken and others are in between. Each and every one is unique and brings a different perspective to the floor and work environment. My favorite part of my job is assisting people and helping them grow. I enjoy working and talking with people, resolving issues and making the customers happy. I am what some call a “people person.” Relationships, knowledge, experience and growth. I have met, worked and gained knowledge and experience from some of the most outstanding professionals and yet I still continue to learn and grow. Being a supervisor and leader over a team. Xerox helped me to get there through the high level of training I received as well as the quality of trainers and professionals I work with.”

Document Management

Through solutions like managed print services and document and data management, Xerox document management professionals consistently save clients as much as 30% on their total document costs. Learn more about document management jobs.

Claire, Programme Manager and Group Lead, Transition Project Management, Large Enterprise Operations

“The Large Enterprise Operations (LEO) provides technology-based services to a wide range of customers. A typical Managed Print Service will help customers review the document management solutions in their business to gain control of assets and drive efficiencies with potential cost savings. As a Programme Manager I am responsible for the successful transition of a Xerox service which includes project set up, implementation and handover to the service delivery team. As Portfolio Manager for UK projects, I have a team of Transition Managers all of whom have their own projects. I provide support to them on their projects and an escalation route for issues that cannot be resolved at project level. We work well together as a team and we use the differences in our knowledge and skill sets to our advantage. I enjoy the variety of my job as running each project is different dependent on the customer industry and the type of service. Another favourite part of my job is the large number of people I get to meet which helps to build up a wide Xerox network. I learn from them and we work together as a team to deliver successful projects to our customers. 

My Xerox career started as an IP Student during University and after completing my degree I came back! I returned to Xerox as part of a Graduate Programme and this was because I wanted to continue working for a company that had provided me with the most valuable work experience and I was keen to work for a large company with lots of diversity and plenty of career path opportunities. Moreover, why wouldn’t I want to work for a company that I knew was full of dedicated, loyal and passionate people? Xerox is a company that is constantly changing to ensure we remain innovative and have the ability to provide our customers with services that solve business problems. Based on this my future in Xerox is exciting with lots of opportunity to develop my skill sets and work in a number of different roles.”

Jason, Project Manager, Transition Project Management, Large Enterprise Operations

"I work within the Transition and Transformation team in Xerox’s services organization. The T&T team is responsible for the onboarding of Xerox Services to new and existing clients. Xerox service offerings include managed print services (MPS), marketing services, IT outsourcing and business process management. My current transition role supports a global bank in implementing an Equitrac/MPS solution and Print Centre services across the EMEA region. The main focus of this project was supporting the organisation’s relocation from multiple sites in London into a new, 31-floor, 8,000-person-capacity building in Canary Wharf. The role entails responsibility for planning the ordering and deployment of equipment, resource planning, service creation, service design and contracting support. It’s very much a client-facing role. There is a multitude of skills and knowledge required to support the client and service delivery teams as Xerox services are implemented and existing operational processes amended. 

Working within Xerox offers lots of development and learning experiences. A recent university graduate has the opportunity to develop experience, skills and forge a career within a large organisation. This helps to give you motivation to work hard and progress in your role. This also provides opportunity to try different career paths and move into bigger roles with more responsibility. For instance my current role I have progressed in a year on the same client account, from supporting a UK service transition to managing and implementing services across the client’s European locations. The opportunity to experience the different working cultures and observe a different way of working has been an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. Despite being relatively inexperienced compared to many colleagues, Xerox has put faith and trust in me to allow me work in this role with a high-profile client."


As a company known for saving clients money through our services, we take Xerox corporate finances very seriously. Our decisions ensure Xerox is a healthy, solid company that values its customers, employees and investors.

Jason, Operations, Finance & Analytics Manager

"I love working with Team Xerox! Xerox offers and encourages diverse personal and professional experiences, enables a great work-life balance, and promotes a culture to learn about multiple facets of the business. My twenty-two year career at Xerox has afforded me the opportunity to grow my skills and understanding through working in multiple areas of the business – OTC, Sales Operations, Finance, Transformation & Strategy, and program management. From being an individual contributor to leading and managing a team, I’ve been able to continually learn and capitalize on opportunities at Xerox. Having curiosity, passion and a can-do attitude keeps the growth opportunities coming at Xerox."

Ursula, Finance, General Ledger Accountant

"My area makes sure the general ledger detail is posted and accurately reflects what users enter. The general ledger is updated with any changes that are requested, such as description changes or new centers needed. We verify on a monthly basis that our financial results are accurate and we work with the corporate office in the transition of this detail. We offer additional tools so that users can access their financial information.

There are many users that do not have an Oracle license because they don’t do enough activity within Oracle. They still have entries that need to be entered into the GL. I make sure that their entries get posted into Oracle, in a timely manner. I also prepare the Balance Sheet Causals during the close process. I work with various individuals that are responsible for various balance sheet accounts to explain any large variances that are needed for month end. I process GL maintenance changes that are requested through SharePoint, into Oracle. I create various reports that can pull the financial data that is needed.

My favorite part of the job is the fact that I get to work closely with Oracle. I have many years of experience using Oracle. Now I get to learn a few more things and I can use my knowledge to see if there may be additional things in Oracle that we may want to implement. I came to Xerox because it was a large company that was using Oracle General Ledger, which I had extensive knowledge of. I am excited about being here and I think that I have a long future here. I am in the process of getting my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and I see that Xerox places a high value on that. I think this will only help me in my future here."

Information Technology

The backbone of any company is its technology. With our focus on communication and customer service, our Information Technology professionals keep our global organization up and running.

Samuel, Senior Data Scientist

"My first nine months at Xerox have been a tremendous experience. I came to Xerox because I believe in the future-proof vision and direction that leadership had made plans to pursue in the coming years. I wanted to play a meaningful role in the innovative and productive work environment that has since helped me grow as a young professional. Being a part of a driven and enthusiastic culture has allowed me to utilize my expertise in a meaningful and impactful way. I am excited for the opportunity to progressively mature in my position here at Xerox and to make tangible contributions for Xerox and our stakeholders for many years to come!"

Anne, Information Management, Operations Manager

"My team supports the IT needs of Xerox offices in countries in Central and South America. We work with the IT organizations in each country to manage business apps, telecommunications and workstations. Recently my team was part of a major acquisition. Actually, bringing in another company was fun. We were able to influence the infrastructure of the company. That’s because IT touches every area of the business. Since I work mostly in South and Central America, my team is very diverse. We have everyone from business systems analysts and architects, to project program managers and strategists. What’s great is that everyone’s working towards a common goal. We all want what’s best for our customer.

If you want IT, this is the place. The company has helped me do so many things. They helped pay for my MBA, they’ve believed in me and they’ve worked around my schedule and my life. With 30 years in IT, I’ve seen it all. But I’ve really enjoyed my time with Xerox. I’m able to contribute. I couldn’t imagine having these opportunities somewhere else.

To me, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to grow. Because we’re such a large company, there are so many opportunities to grow and to do new things. You’ll never be bored here. And the flexibility is nice as well. Earlier in my career, I went to a 4-day work week to be with my family more. And if I needed to change my schedule again, Xerox would help me find a way to make it happen. If you have a high energy level and are ready to contribute, Xerox is for you. In fact, I’ve been here for 30 years and I’m still finding interesting projects and interesting things to work on. This is a great company with a solid past and an exciting future."


As guardians of our brand, Xerox marketing professionals show the world that we’re forward-thinking and customer-focused. Join the innovative process with a Xerox marketing job.

Gregory, Marketing, Market Intelligence Manager

"I started Xerox as a college new hire and was grateful the company provided me dynamic opportunities to work and learn in a variety of organizations and roles. It’s global footprint has enabled me to work with folks all over the world which is interesting and fun! As an engineer, I value Xerox’s ongoing focus on continuous improvement, simplifying how we and the customers work. Xerox is a forward thinking company that has embraced the hybrid work environment and that flexibility is much appreciated. I have greatly enjoyed my Xerox experiences and look forward to my future journey with the company."

Chad, Global Business & Strategic Marketing, Service Strategy Manager

"I develop and implement our office service strategy. What does this mean? We’re making our products more intuitive, so customers need minimal support and can be self-sufficient. I develop the strategies that help make that happen. I also work with office service personnel to lower total service times and costs. We’re a really tight group that’s divided into many areas. Some focus on pre-launch reliability, some work on post-sale support, and others gather global service data and conduct modeling analysis. We’re always interacting with different organizations within Xerox – from sales and marketing, to product and parts. We’re truly cross-functional. Xerox is big on innovation. One way to get there is to develop reliable products that are easy for customers to maintain. If there’s an issue, our goal is for our customers to not need to call service. The solution should be easy and intuitive, or one that we can solve remotely. All of this will minimize product downtime and costs, and ultimately headaches for our customers.

The best part of my job is working with such a diverse group from around the world. I’m learning and seeing so much. For instance, I’ve learned that in the Japanese market, customers are more willing to work on steps to solve a problem. However, in other markets, the customers don’t want to do that work. They want things done for them. It’s amazing how much our customer’s culture affects how we service a machine. That’s just one thing that makes Xerox so interesting.

I don’t like standing still. I love the diversity and dedication to innovation and creativity at Xerox. I did co-ops at other companies prior to Xerox. The other companies tended to narrow your focus and drive you in a direction. I’ve never seen that at Xerox. They give everyone the options and freedom to fail or succeed. Personally, it would have to be getting my degree, because I was doing that full-time and working full-time. And it was the beginning of my growth and success here. It also showed me how much Xerox was willing to work with their professionals. Professionally, I’m proud of putting out quality products and seeing people use them. This is a company that strives for innovation and creativity. We look for it in our people and we try to nurture it. Because of this, there’s the potential for continuous growth. If you want to build a career path, you’ll have the freedom to do it. Xerox will help guide you towards success."


Whether selling consulting services or digital printers/copiers, Xerox sales representatives are among the most respected and best trained salespeople in the industry.

Donna, Global VP, AI and Intelligent Automation Sales

"Xerox is no ordinary, cookie-cutter establishment. Xerox is currently in the midst of an extraordinary transformation, transitioning from its traditional hardware focus to the cutting-edge realms of software and digitization like RPA, Intelligent Automation, and Generative AI. As the Global Vice President of AI and Intelligent Automation Sales, it's an absolute privilege to be at the helm collaborating with brilliant minds like Steve Miller, our Chief Digital Officer, and the accomplished CoE Leader, Shivani Agarwal, not to mention a brilliant Sales team, as we lead Xerox into a new innovative chapter of its history. Our Executive Team is making waves in various publications, spreading the word about our strides, and making Xerox the talk of the town. It's an electric time to be part of this transformative journey. So, when you spot me with a grin from ear to ear, you'll know why. Xerox isn't just a notation on my resume; it's the doorway to the most captivating expedition of my career. Here's to Xerox – let's maintain this robust momentum!"

Rebecca, Apps Sales Enablement Manager

"My professional career began at Xerox eight years ago. Looking back on those years, I am proud of the growth trajectory I have set for myself so far. Moving through various roles from Sales Representative to Sales Specialist to Partner Business Manager, to now sitting on a global team and responsible for Apps Sales Enablement in our Channels Organization across the Americas. I am also grateful to work for a company that has nurtured and empowered me in my growth at every step. Xerox leaders and employees foster a company culture that can be found in every corner of our organization; one of supporting one another, self-improvement, skills development, and carving your own way within a company that holds limitless unique career paths.

Outside of my job scope, I have also taken full advantage of the opportunities that being a member or sitting on a board for one of our many Employee Resource Groups provides, which I recommend to everyone. Largely because of those ERGs, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are not only topics discussed at Xerox but are fully embraced and consistently practiced. Everyone wants to work in an environment where they feel 100% comfortable showing up as their authentic self, which is what Xerox provides for me.

My career here started eight years ago, but the future ahead and the opportunities that have yet to be attained are what keeps me energized and proud to work for Xerox."

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