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Woman at home having a video conference on her laptop

Virtual Office Program

Find jobs that can be performed from home.

Careers at home

Over the past 30 years we’ve recognized the benefits of working from home. We currently have more than 8000 home-based employees performing a wide range of functions, including:

  • Customer Care

  • Tech Support

  • Data Entry/Verification

  • Image Tagging

  • Quality Control

  • Systems Development

  • Software Programming

  • Administrative/Business Support

Lower commuting costs

On average, working from home can save you hundreds of dollars every year in fuel expenses alone. It also dramatically reduces the number of miles added to your odometer, which translates into reduced maintenance costs and prolonged vehicle life span. 

Comfortable work environment

When you work from home, you have complete control of your work environment. Be more productive without the frequent disruptions of noisy coworkers. The decoration scheme, lighting and temperature can be tailored to your preferences. 

Better life/work balance

Being physically located at home enables you to find a better balance between career goals and family life. Spending more time with family generally makes employees happier, which contributes to a reduction in stress and an increase in job satisfaction.