Xerox Among Nation’s Best in Measures that Matter Most to People and Communities

We outperform our peers in areas such as worker pay and treatment, job creation, community involvement and products that do not harm the environment.

Forbes and JUST Capital have surveyed more than 72,000 Americans over the past three years, and identified their attitudes about corporate behavior. It’s one of the most comprehensive surveys ever taken, and it reveals a list of issues that Americans care about most. The JUST 100 rankings have recognized Xerox for outperforming our peers in a number of areas including worker pay and treatment, job creation, community involvement, and providing products that improve life and do not harm the environment.

JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker noted that business should be a force for good in America, and the JUST 100 list provides an example of how companies can win back the trust of the American people.

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The JUST 100 list of the top 100 companies across all industries, as well as the 33 top performers by industry, will be featured in the December 26, 2017 issue of Forbes magazine. Additional feature stories will be published at

Proud award to Xerox - in 100 most just companies