Xerox Leadership

Xerox Leadership

Xerox has designed the company’s talent management strategy to differentiate and foster rewarding careers for our employees and to develop the next generation of leaders.

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO
Ursula joined Xerox as a summer intern and never left. Now she’s leading a major transformation of Xerox. Long and best known for its success in document technology, Ursula has taken the company into some places you would never expect to find Xerox, doing things you probably didn’t know they could.

Corporate Officers
A company's success is often defined by its leaders who are on the front line, serving as champions for their people and their customers. Xerox’s business leaders exemplify value-based and results-driven leadership. They pave the way for the next generation of Xerox leadership to accelerate the company’s growth and continue building value for our stakeholders.

Board of Directors
The Xerox Board of Directors is 91 percent independent, and represents our shareholders' interest in the company's successful operation. This active responsibility includes optimizing long-term financial returns and delivering value to our customers, employees, suppliers, communities and other key stakeholders.

Featured Executive Speakers
Just a few of the Xerox executives who are recognized globally for their knowledge and insights on topics that range from leadership, technology and innovation to strategy, brand management, citizenship, and much more.