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Meet Fortune’s 2014 Big Data All-Stars

Onno Zoeter, Research Scientist at Xerox Research Centre Europe, was selected as one of the 20 elite.

Source: Fortune
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Xerox Research Centre Canada’s 2000th Patent and Miracle Material U-M Connected and Automated Vehicle Initiative Announces Founding Corporate Partners
The University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) aims to revolutionize the transportation industry with connected and automated vehicles.
Read more around this initiative and the goal to connect 20,000 vehicles  

Source: Xerox Newsroom
Computer Vision and the Future of Mobile Devices Computer Vision and the Future of Mobile Devices
Raja Bala, principle scientist, area manager at Xerox, explains how computer vision applications link with mobile devices to recognize faces, objects and landmarks in real time.
Read more on how we’re making sense out of visual data  

Source: TechRepublic
How Is Analytics Changing the Way Business Leaders Make Decisions How Is Analytics Changing the Way Business Leaders Make Decisions?
Xerox uses people analytics to determine what sort of personality types will stay long enough to recoup training investments.
Read why last year $1.3 billion was invested in analytics companies  

Source: Huffington Post Tech
How Xerox Moves to Rapid Service Innovation How Xerox Moves to Rapid Service Innovation
Hardware companies, like Xerox, refocusing on developing service solutions for customers require some radical changes in their mindset, competences and processes.
Learn how Xerox improves speed and effectiveness  

Source: LinkedIn Blog
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