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Blueprint,Pharos Uniprint,and Omega

Document Accounting, Cost Management, Output/Print Management
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An Enterprise Print Asset Management solution from Pharos Systems enables you to make fact-based print and copy management decisions, illuminate your printing environment by exposing the hidden reality of uncontrolled printing costs, and to track and measure total enterprise print and copy expenditures, including equipment, maintenance, and supply costs.

Key Features

  • Print and Copy Accounting: Tracks and records detailed information about users' print jobs sent to any networked, local, or IP direct-connected printer or copier
  • Asset Optimization: Obtain an accurate, complete, and real-time picture of print and copy spending and a measurement of cost-savings actions over time
  • Departmental Chargeback: Measure printing and copying, and allocate charges back to employees, budget centers, and departments
  • Secure Print Release: Keep important business and client information confidential via print management and print control
  • PrintHere: Mobile users can print their jobs to the device closest to them, regardless of where they're located
  • Informed Print: Encourages responsible document output via popups that show users how much their printing will cost prior to releasing the job to the printer
  • Pay for Print and Copy: Tracks and reports on printing and copying activity, maximizes cost recovery, and facilitates print monitoring, print tracking, and print security
  • Mobile Printing: Provides easy printing services access to laptop users via a printer install package
  • Reserve and Access Lab PCs: Automated computer reservation system that combines immediate and scheduled reservations to ensure orderly, equitable access to machines during times of peak demand

Your Challenges

Companies and higher education institutions routinely spend millions of dollars per year on the creation of paper documents. A typical Fortune 3000 business spends 1%-3% of its revenue on printing and copying. Yet most businesses and higher education institutions have no systems in place to track and control print and copy expenses.

Key Challenges

  • Hidden costs of print/copy: Print/copy costs are largely invisible, so most organizations have dramatically underestimated their costs and over-invested in spending
  • Uncertainty: Companies and higher education institutions don't know who, where, and how much they're printing/copying
  • Inability to assign print/copy costs to individuals or departments: Without the proper systems in place, print/copy costs are 100% absorbed by the business or higher education institution
  • Lack of user accountability: Users print and copy massive amounts of jobs without ever being held accountable for the waste
  • Security problems: Private documents are viewed by all when user authentication at the printer/copier isn't present
  • Paper waste: Annually, 40%-60% of printing and copying is discarded as waste
  • Unequal distribution of library PCs: Equitable access to resources is absent without a system in place to control it

How Xerox Can Help

Pharos Uniprint, Blueprint, and Omega can help you illuminate your print and copy environment, slash costs, and eliminate waste.

  • Expose print costs: Pharos software illuminates your printing environment so you finally know what you're spending on every printed page
  • Remove uncertainty: Track, measure, manage, and control all local and network printing to find out what, when, and how much each user is printing
  • Charge back costs to individuals/departments: Manage billing and accounting down to the employee level and roll back these charges to the individual or department responsible for them
  • Involve users in cost-savings initiative: When users know how much their print and copy jobs cost, they are more careful about document output
  • Maintain security: Keep private documents confidential by requiring users to authenticate themselves at the printer or copier
  • Eliminate recycling bins: Remove these bins for good from print/copy labs
  • Ensure equity: Create equitable access to equipment, satisfied students, and relaxed administrators
  • Save millions: Save 1.5M on print and copy costs for every 10,000 users
  • See immediate results: Install and begin seeing and controlling your print and copy costs in less than 30 days
  • Achieve a quick ROI: Experience an ROI in less than 6 months

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Over 97% customer retention rate of Pharos Systems, and over 1500 customers in 23 countries
  • 39 of the 50 top business schools in the United States, and 6 of the 8 Ivy League schools run Pharos software
  • Extremely flexible and scalable, running in offices with two printers, to Fortune 50 companies with 150,000 desktops