Specialty Dry Inks

Add a new dimension to the page, and to your print business.

Add Sparkle and Shine with Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks.

Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks — including Metallic, White, and Clear — help you outshine your competition by adding incredible value to your digital prints. It's easier than ever to create stunning, premium effects that deliver impactful results with Clear Dry Ink (available on the Xerox® Color 800i/1000i Presses and Xerox® iGen® 5 Press), White Dry Ink (available on the Xerox iGen 5 Press), and Metallic Dry Inks (offered exclusively for the Xerox Color 800i/1000i Presses).

Xerox® White Dry Ink

Xerox White Dry Ink plays multiple roles in the printing process:

It enables white to be printed on colored substrates — sitting atop either non-white media or CMYK-printed images.It can provide a bright white base coat for optimizing CMYK vibrancy and enabling variable information printing on colored surfaces.It can broaden the range of non-white substrates that can be used for invitations, menus and various marketing pieces — such as direct mail, postcards, business cards and posters — often to striking effect.And when printed in percentages rather than full coverage, white ink can create frost or translucent effects.

Folding carton with White Dry Ink

Kraft (tan-colored) and dark folding carton board are more functional and attractive with White Dry Ink.

Holiday card with White Dry Ink

Using White Dry Ink with dark cover weight stocks opens up a world of opportunities to create striking designs on direct mail, invitations and postcards.

White horse

Manually printing an additional layer of White Dry Ink can increase opacity. For this folder, the horse and text were printed with a first layer of white. The text was then manually printed with a second layer of white to stand out brilliantly against the black cover stock.

Xerox® Metallic Dry Inks

The newest Specialty Dry Inks let you migrate more jobs to digital, creating silver and gold metallic effects with images, artwork, logos, text, seals, and personalized communications.

Highlight logos and graphic elements with stunning metallic effects.

Enhance the look of photos and collateral with metallic image overlays.

Bring the eye-catching value of metallic inks to personalized communications to add even more pop to your jobs.

Xerox® Clear Dry Ink

Xerox Clear Dry Ink allows you to add new dimensions to output using spot, flood, or textured effects.

Flood an entire page for sheen and protection with a varnish effect.

Use a spot application to make specific elements pop or apply authentication marks.

Magnify the dramatic dimensional effect by adding multiple passes of Specialty Dry Inks.

Who uses Specialty Dry Inks?

From quick print shops to the world's largest hotel group, our pioneering customers are finding new uses for Specialty Dry Inks every day. See how Specialty Dry Inks are part of the total  Xerox 800i/1000i Press solution.

Snyder Printer uses clear dry ink to offer a whole new array of enhanced imaging to their customers.

The allure of gold (dry ink) helps drive New Point Cards & Printers latest double-digit growth spurt.

Harvard Pinnacle Group offers special effects with clear, silver, and gold dry ink.