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Xerox Brand Protection

Xerox takes brand protection seriously and is dedicated to safeguarding our customers, intellectual property, corporate identity and products—especially Xerox manufactured supplies. Xerox has the expertise, technology and global team necessary to help prevent the misrepresentation of our brand.

Don’t be a victim. Using counterfeit toner and ink may:
  • Increase your service costs and damage your equipment
  • Produce documents with substandard print quality
  • Reduce overall productivity

Genuine Xerox toners and inks are manufactured and assembled to stringent specifications so you always know you're getting a safe and reliable product with every purchase.

Are your Xerox Supplies genuine?

Buying counterfeit products isn't illegal, but selling them is. Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous salespeople. No matter how appealing an offer sounds or how real a product looks, dealers in counterfeit merchandise are committing a crime.

Ensure it’s genuine Xerox toner or ink - look for the security label.

A unique serial number and barcode are printed on each genuine Xerox security label. The background changes to read: “GENUINE”, “ORIGINAL”, “AUTɎTICO” and “VȒITABLE” depending on viewing angles.

If you have concerns regarding the authenticity of any Xerox product, we encourage you to return the supply items to point of sale for replacement or refund.

If you have additional questions, concerns or to report suspicious activities contact:

Xerox Corporate Security

Outside of North America:
0044 (0)1707 353223

Report a Suspicious Act Form
Report a suspicious product

Learn how to detect counterfeit products and why counterfeit toner and ink can be harmful to your business.

Brand Security

Benefits of Buying Xerox Branded Products

Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC)

An organization dedicated to educating, empowering and protecting consumers to combat counterfeiting and fraud in the imaging supplies industry Read about ISC's product authentication program, WIDCIO (When In Doubt, Check It Out):
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Have questions?

Report suspicious activity to Xerox Corporate Security

Call: 1-866-979-8222
Outside of North America:
0044 (0)1707 353223