Xerox engineers and innovators develop new technologies, products and solutions that customers depend on to improve business results.

“Since I am a recent college graduate, my proudest moment in my career is having the chance to begin at a company like Xerox.”

--Matthew, Rochester, New York, USA
Equipment Modeling and Data Analysis Team
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"It’s amazing how many people share their knowledge here."

--Carole, Webster, NY, USA
Global Development Group, Electrical Engineer Global Product Delivery
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"I have the freedom to work on solutions. Any solutions."

--Peter, Webster, NY, USA
Xerox Innovation Group, Principal Scientist and Project Lead
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Find jobs in business process and IT
services, ranging from customer care and
benefits administration to back-office
transaction processing, IT consulting, health
services, and related finance, marketing,
human resources, and business
support positions.

Find jobs related to printer sales, service
and support, as well as managed print
services, engineering, research, innovation,
marketing, finance, legal, human resources,
supply chain, and IT support.

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