Is your office working for you?

Are you working harder to get work done because your workspace isn’t working? It may sound trivial, but there’s more to better office productivity than meets the eye (i.e., a clean desk or file drawer). Read on to see where you can make real changes to transform your work or home office into a well-oiled bastion of office productivity (or maybe just a peaceful, happy place to get things done).

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Start with some simple tracking.

If you have the feeling that your work could be done more efficiently, or you could improve your organizational system, perform a workflow analysis. First off, track where you waste time: do you struggle picking up where you left off the day before and spend countless minutes getting up to speed? Tracking your day may feel time consuming, but it can save countless wasted hours down the road.

Next, track the physical time you spend waiting for your technology or office devices to get up to speed or fixing them when they have issues like stuck paper, no paper or worse – no action at all. Do you have multiple machines to perform specific functions? Are they built on outdated technology or keeping you tied to old fashioned work modes? Do your employees have trouble accessing files or sharing documents?

Consider adding reliable equipment that can do more, like a new, smart printerXerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled printers combine functions like copying, scanning and emailing along with document management capabilities that enable everyone to be working from the same updated document simultaneously. Plus, sign up for Xerox® eConcierge Service and you can get free lifetime printer service and easy supply ordering. 

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A smarter way to work, wherever your office is – or isn’t.

A lot of time is wasted waiting and being on “stand-by.” Move on to what’s next by using your devices to close the gaps wherever you go.  Investing in mobile devices and apps can support an organized “virtual” office that lets you take care of things literally 24/7. Take the time to teach yourself and your employees the best ways to use these modern miracles to make work more seamless wherever it’s done…

… Which brings us to the concept of what defines an office in the 21st century. Work is a bit like the locales in Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham – you can work on a train, in a plane, or even in a tree (as long as you have a good connection). Data, programs and tools no longer need to live on the hard drive, so why should you be stuck in one place? With cloud-based software there is round the clock access to the app of your choice. Here are 11 cool apps for entrepreneurs that make office productivity on the go easy and worthwhile.

The word “office” is now a relative term. It can mean a traditional corporate work place (picture a sea of cubicles), a small open concept office, a breakfast table, home office or even a shared space in someone’s home. What makes it your effective workspace is how you design it to cater to your work style and support that model with the technology to ensure its success.

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A scene out of your own “Office Space”

Aesthetics can also play a large part in how you feel about your work and your ability to tackle the day. Noise, poor ergonomics, inconvenient placement of equipment and even temperature can kill motivation quicker than you can say “Don’t take my stapler.”

Make changes that support a more conducive work environment: locate your printer close by, have your work area evaluated ergonomically for proper fit and posture, and keep the objects (everything from paper clips to files, calendars and phone) within an easy arm’s reach.  

Lastly, don’t underestimate the impact poor technology and underperforming equipment can have on you and your worker’s zest for getting the job done. Upgrading your office equipment is an investment that pays tenfold. 

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