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Easy ways to discover hidden costs and reveal surprising returns.

Everyone talks about the need to cut costs, but beneath the impulse to save a dollar here and there is a smart approach. Wise cost control strategies in your office and at home can address weaknesses in budget planning that, when remedied, can actually reveal sources of savings and even profit.

Why performing a cost inventory is important.

For an instant, put saving money aside (as difficult as it sounds). Even in the best economy, looking at costs and fixing gaps is essential business and smart living. Reviewing your budget reminds us of those extra expenditures we generally forget – or think little of – until we add them up.

From paying routine electric bills to the buying of multiple and duplicate office supplies, basic purchases are a large spend sinkhole when we don’t pay attention. We also buy things that seem innocent enough on a day-to-day basis (think coffee, lunch out, magazines) but put a big drain on incidental spending.

Take a new look at the following areas of expenditure.  Learn how you can discover hidden costs and turn them around to reveal cash at the end of the day:

Review bills and statements instead of paying them “on faith.” Mistakes can happen, along with erroneous fees and overages. You may also be reminded of recurring subscriptions that are no longer useful. And while you’re at it, shop around for other credit cards that offer perks, money back and/or better rates.

Office supply costs can be reduced by centralizing ordering with one person being responsible for all orders.  Save money by eliminating duplicate purchases and buying in bulk. Free services like Xerox eConcierge® offers free lifetime service coverage which can save you roughly $1,280 over the life time of your printer*.  Plus its app helps you keep track of toner levels and reorders quickly and easily – so no more shelves of old or duplicate toner.

Revisit printing and paper practices by having employees print on both sides of paper and reduce waste (20% of print jobs are left in the print tray!) with advanced technology that require the user to validate the job with a PIN code. Xerox® ConnectKey® technology offers a secure method of authentication along with a complete productivity ecosystem to help you design a more efficient way to work.

Revisit memberships, contracts, and insurance policies to check for hidden savings. Are you benefitting from that hopeful gym membership or Jam of the Month Club? The same goes for vendor contracts since new pricing, offers and market variables can change every day. Consider joining your local trade associations and chamber of commerce for member discounts and group pricing offers.

Clear clutter and update procedures for a better handle on inventory and to create best practices on processes. Get rid of old or broken equipment, furniture, printers and supplies, and streamline files by converting them to digital.

Cut back on non-critical meetings to keep productivity high and handle long distance meetings via videoconferencing. And when it comes to work time, be flexible with employees. Letting people work when and where they can be most effective improves productivity, improves morale plus reduces office overhead.

Invest in more efficient office  technology and you’ll score twofold by saving money investing in efficient/energy-saving devices and by choosing equipment that makes your life easier. Advanced technology such as Xerox® ConnectKey® printers can help workers replace manual processes like scanning, old-fashioned routing of documents and in collaboration by file sharing that helps keep everyone on the same page.  

Xerox offers rebates on new printers and you can also buy used office equipment that has been refurbished and can suit your needs perfectly.

Discover more small business tips to find the best ways to uncover hidden costs in your day.

Contact your reseller or Shop Xerox for a free consultation today.

*To qualify for free lifetime service, customers who order by device must simply use the service for a minimum of thirty days and order at least two supplies items for each eligible Xerox device. Customers who order by model must also install at least two supplies items for each eligible Xerox device. Xerox will provide free extended service coverage over the normal supported life of that Xerox product as long as supply orders are continuously placed through the Xerox eConcierge® service. The average cost of extended service coverage for four years when purchased separately is $1,280. Prices vary by model. The coverage will be either quick exchange or onsite depending on what was provided when the device originally shipped. Xerox reserves the right to discontinue the service for a specific model at any time. Click here for more information.

Everyone can print, scan and share docs from their mobile devices with ConnectKey Technology

ConnectKey Technology lets you manage, print, scan and share to and from the cloud or mobile devices.

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