Today’s top communication tips and tools

In an age where communication devices abound lack of communication would be rare, right? Not so, according to studies that cite an increasingly tougher time for both companies and people trying to effectively communicate their messages. 

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Let’s be clear

According to a survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association of 1,000 computer professionals, 28% reported poor communication as the primary cause of failing to deliver a project within its original time frame. 1 Being clear and concise, and avoiding buzzwords and acronyms when you talk to customers, employees and your co-workers isn’t just a courtesy, it’s smart business that results in greater productivity and revenue. 

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Effective communication secrets

Of course, sometimes being heard doesn’t mean you’re being understood. Being a skilled communicator means being able to articulate what you either need or are offering. It also means being able to listen, even to what you may not want to hear. Follow these cues to sharpen your ability to connect:

With customers: understand your audience, what they want and how they want to be communicated with: via emails? Texts, Social channels? Be up front about issues, resolve problems and always respond to inquiries promptly. Beyond building a good rapport, it’s about involving them and creating a relationship.

With employees and co-workers: the McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in companies with “connected” employees2.  Ask yourself if your current methods (email, intranet, memos) are compatible with how people work. Make the most of all your team members’ strengths - read up on ideas for making the most of diverse people and personalities.

With your boss: develop the art of “managing upward”, that is, support your boss by being proactive with your relationship, clearly expressing what you want and need, to be the most effective employee she can have. Clarify expectations, create priorities and time-tables, and always maintain one-on-one time. Be a big picture thinker – for yourself and your company: share ideas and constructive observations on areas of improvement.

Quick tip: Develop a brief, simple “elevator pitch” to highlight your personal and business value proposition– you never know when an opportunity to speak up may pop up… whether to a potential customer, colleague, or senior manager.

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Quick tip: Create graphic presentations for maximum impact and to show you mean business. 

illustration of an eye with text caption - Color improves sales and brand recognition by an astounding 80%

Use more than words

Good, effective communication comes from more than distinct language. How you present yourself (using positive vs negative statements, avoiding misleading body language and engaging in an open, non-judgmental tone) is equally powerful.  

When it comes to your written words, ensure they are in sync with your own voice (branding and messaging) and remember the impact of color (improves sales and brand recognition by an astounding 80%)3.

Reaching people in a memorable and engaging way is not rocket science. With the right tools and attitude, you can come in loud and clear.

Quick tip: Include color handouts for the team meeting to get your message across better; these days, it’s more affordable than ever


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1 Computing Technology Industry Association, December, 2015.


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