• Go automated and get your workload under control

Go automated and get your workload under control

There’s a lot of buzz around automation – what it means, how one goes about it, and the biggie.. is it worth the time and investment?

Automation can certainly help people and businesses get – and stay – connected, organized and more efficient. But there’s always the caveat about too much of a good thing. Read on to get up to speed with automation technology to see how much of it is in your future.

When you need an extra pair of hands

Who wouldn’t want an assistant? Someone to hold together all the loose ends at work or home, doing all the mundane work so you can spend precious time doing higher-level activities or – just imagine it, nothing at all.

For example, with simple and affordable automation tools you can up your office financial game by setting recurring invoices to go out automatically and using online banking to pay recurring bills. This can save money by ensuring outgoing invoices are accounted for and that you don’t get charged late fees if you miss your payments.

graphic of various icons illustrating time savings

See how using Apps for Tasks helped this bank cut invoicing time by 75%.

Other popular work technology automation options include:

  • Email tools such as the Out of Office Assistant for use over vacation, or scheduling emails to be automatically deployed at a later time.
  • Presetting forms and creating templates to save time, eliminate errors and establish tighter quality controls.
  • Enabling workers to do more from their own devices by making company data and resources accessible via the cloud, and using mobile apps  for tasks
  • Automating core office operations,  like using the  Xerox® eConcierge Supplies Assistant desktop app to track supply levels and order the right supplies automatically.

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Smarter ways to save time at home

Smart home automation systems let you adjust lights, temperature, security, and other systems from your mobile device while letting you focus on the things that matter. And smart sound speaker systems can function as a music player, news device, and even let you update your to-do list by just speaking to the machine.

Home office automation can take the form of having emails prioritized, re-routed or forwarded, calendars that remind you of important dates and appointments and applications for activities like shopping for office supplies or finding a good restaurant for a team lunch.

Taking things into your own hands

While automation technology is becoming ubiquitous with advancing business, there are aspects to consider before going all in. Evaluate what areas of your work and personal life could use some help, and which simply need to be made a hands-on priority.

Remember, automation should be viewed as an enhancement of processes you have already established and systems that you are familiar with and have regulated yourself. Determine what needs doing, if it is worth the investment, then move on to techniques to automate it.

According to the new Small and Medium Business Trends report from Salesforce small businesses using automation in some way are 1.6-times more likely to grow than those that do not.1  A good place to start may be with a new office assistant that can usher in your new day of automation.


When looking for new ways to automate your office, consider a Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled VersaLink printer . It combines functions like copying, scanning and emailing along with document management capabilities, and also supports apps that can easily automate jobs that usually require a lot of manual input.

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1 Small and Medium Business Trends Report: https://secure2.sfdcstatic.com/assets/pdf/smb/Small-Medium-Business-Trends_Salesforce-Research.pdf