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Inside Xerox® Elem Additive Solutions

Meet the experts of Elem Additive. A high quality collection of engineers, metallurgists, technicians, developers, sales professionals, and business development personnel that make up this fast growing team. In an effort to share our expertise, we have decided to highlight a small selection of individuals that help drive the development of our technology for the future of production and manufacturing. Learn more about their backgrounds, professional interests, and what makes working at Xerox so special!

Timothy Schniepp

Director Application Engineering & Business Development

Since joining Xerox Elem Additive solutions a year ago, Timothy Schniepp has used his previous experience in aerospace and AM to educate customers on our technology and support them in their journey to implement it. Learn more about Timothy in the interview below.

  1. What’s your background and current role at Xerox? I started my career in aerospace at Lockheed Martin and GE Aviation, primarily in high performance composite structures. In 2010, I joined the JHU Applied Physics Lab (a big R&D facility for the Navy and other parts of the DoD) where I got my first exposure to additive manufacturing (AM). My team provided functional prototypes and low volume manufacturing of composites and 3D printed parts, among other things. After a stop at Stratasys, I joined Xerox a year ago to lead the team. Our mission is twofold – knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer to support adoption for customers. We help educate prospective customers how our technology works and where it might fit in their business. Then we help them implement it for relevant applications, addressing any challenges that might arise and guide validation/qualification efforts.

  2. Why did you join Xerox? I’m excited to build this team. I also enjoy educating customers on new disruptive technologies and supporting them in their journey to implement it. Having spent the first half of my career supporting manufacturing, I understand the frustration with long lead times, shortages, long development cycles, and how AM can help address many of them.

  3. Which skills from your background have been most useful during your time here at Xerox? I can directly relate to our customers’ journey. I’ve explored, vetted, validated, purchased, and implemented new AM technologies. That’s helpful, and drives me to be completely transparent about ElemX capabilities. Few things are more important than building strong trust-based relationships with customers. My guidelines: 1. Be customer focused and obsessed with delivering value and solving problems. 2. Team-first. We succeed working together. 3. Quality without compromise in everything we do. It’s not worth doing if we don’t do it well. 4. We do whatever it takes to be successful regardless of whether it’s in our job description.

  4. What excites you most about the future of Xerox Elem Additive? In just over a year, we’ve come far, which is great to see. I’m excited about the advancement and expansion of ElemX capabilities. Having the safest and one of the easiest to deploy/implement metal AM technologies available provides a foundation for success. We must continue to expand the value that we provide to our customers – that’s what leads to commercial success. I want us to stay obsessively focused on delivering a platform that’s not only easy and delivers parts with the necessary performance, but with great reliability and repeatability. These are the keys to providing our customers value and meeting expectations. With the great team we have, I know we’ll get there!

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