Driving Profits with Transactional Marketing

Essential customer communications, such as account statements and bills, can often be the most successful — and cost-effective — way to deliver marketing messages and increase sales.

Savvy organizations are using the white space on transactional documents like a billboard to up-sell and cross-sell products and services to existing customers — or sell the real estate to partners.

With today’s innovations in technology, workflow automation and personalization, print providers can easily turn simple bills and statements into highly effective marketing vehicles.

Key Stats and Opportunities:

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Whether new to transactional marketing or simply trying to capture more business, these insights and information can help you drive revenue and enhance strategic partnerships.

It’s a captive audience: The average consumer spends 3 to 5 minutes with a transactional communication, a virtual eternity compared to time spent with email.

Mail is still a highly valued channel among your customers: 72% of enterprises feel that mail is a critical channel (vs. only 67% mobile and 56% apps).

As a print provider, how your clients view your role is changing: 31% expect strategic help with evolving communications, 39% expect help with data analytics and customer segmentation, and 14% expect their print provider to become a full-communications service provider.

4 Ways to Seize the Opportunity

  1. Add document design capabilities (or partner with someone who can)
  2. Learn to work with data in a variety of formats
  3. Maximize efficiency by automating as many process steps as you can
  4. Be the communication glue, the consultant that links all the stakeholders

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Conversation Starters

A few easy ways to kick off transactional marketing discussions with clients:

  • “We can help you do more with less.”
  • "How would you like to transform existing mailings into powerful marketing vehicles?"
  • “We can help you untap new revenue streams.”

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