Unwrapping the Benefits of Digital Packaging

Brand owners around the world are responding to changing consumer needs by rethinking their product packaging.

More emphasis is being placed on shortening product cycles, increasing variations and compressing run lengths. For converters that can help brands distinguish themselves, big opportunities await to create transformational experiences.

Holding the keys to unlocking this potential is today’s digital print technologies.

Key Stats and Opportunities

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

  1. Streamline your workflow to build more efficient supply chains
  2. Ensure you have a strong color management process
  3. Tap into a broad range of substrates, including pre-converted materials
  4. Extend your network by hosting educational events or attending conferences

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Conversation Starters:

Many brand owners may not be aware of the benefits of digitally printed packaging. Here are a few easy ways to kick off discussions with them:

  • “We can give you flexibility without expensive setup costs or long lead times.”
  • “We can maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.”
  • “New SKUs? No problem.”
  • “We offer customization, versioning and extra security.”

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