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Xerox® Personalized Application Builder program for sales channel partners

Create personalized solutions for unique customer needs

Xerox® Personalized Application Builder program

Drive new revenue and strengthen client relationships with Xerox's Personalized Application Builder program.

Xerox's program is the only one of its kind that provides tools, training and marketing resources that help partners create personalized solutions from office and managed print services (MPS) to production.

Suitable for all IT and document management infrastructures, the Personalized Application Builder tools include Xerox® App Studio, as well as Software Developer Kits for MPS, FreeFlow® (workflow software) and Extensible Interface Platform so partners can meet their customers' unique requirements — and then differentiate themselves by branding the solution under their own name.

See award — BLI Winter 2015 Pick for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation (PDF, 400KB)

For channel partners who have software development capabilities, these tools provide for the development of a full range of solutions, from basic to complex.

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For partners who wish to develop complex solutions, but lack in-house software development resources, Xerox is developing a community of authorized developers. The current list of PAB Authorized Developers is:

  • Ballistic Echo — A software development firm focused on custom software solutions. Ballistic Echo brings together decades of experience with print, scan and workflow with modern practices to develop custom solutions which automate process and redefine productivity. Contact Ballistic Echo

  • Beltrão Coelho — Beltrão Coelho has been present in the Portuguese printing market for over 60 years. Experience, communication and creativity are the secret of their software development team to create complex solutions for Xerox partners. Contact Beltrão Coelho

  • e-dox AG — Located in Germany, e-dox simplifies customer's lives through personal app development and integration services. e-dox develops front-end and back-end applications to meet your customer's needs. Contact e-dox AG

  • EtiQube — Located in Italy, EtiQube has been developing apps since 2016 that transform the printer into a multipurpose object. Business process simplification and making applications easy to use are our strengths. Contact EtiQube

  • Just·Tech — Located in the U.S., Just·Tech creates customized applications that simplify processes and streamline workflows to improve operational efficiencies. Contact Just·Tech

  • Myworkplatform — Located in France and Belgium, Myworkplatform specializes in customized applications, created exclusively for Xerox since 2015. Myworkplatform offers expertise in support of projects and developments, solidifying infrastructure, and agile and secure application hosting. Contact Myworkplatform

  • Process Fusion — A cloud application provider of Secure Information Exchange and Business Process Automation solutions, Process Fusion helps organizations automate critical business processes, increase process velocity, and exchange information confidently, securely and efficiently. Contact Process Fusion

  • TBC – TBC has been an exclusive Xerox dealer since 2004. We specialize in printing solutions, digitalization, electronic content management and we develop customized applications for Xerox devices as well as web, mobile and desktop. Contact TBC

  • Vision-e — a software development innovator with offices in NJ and SC, will make your ideas a reality and extend the functionality of your multifunction printer investment today through custom apps and services. Contact Vision-e

Experience first-hand how the Xerox® Personalized Application Builder program can help you connect with your customers by creating personalized solutions to meet unique customer needs and help you future proof your business!

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Winning as a Personalized Application Builder Partner

See how offering customized apps can really make a difference.

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Winning New Business: Hamilton Digital

Partner testimonial on winning new business with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology and customized apps developed via Xerox® App Studio.

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