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What is Xerox® Remote Services?

Xerox Remote Services is the infrastructure and mechanism by which customer devices communicate with Xerox, providing you access to a suite of time saving capabilities. When enrolled, your machine will send meter reads, supply levels and diagnostic information. Monthly billing will be done automatically, and toner can be replenished without ever needing to place an order. You can also elect to receive automatic software upgrades and security patches. If your printer should have an issue, the diagnostic data sent by your machine will be used by our Digital Support Experts to troubleshoot and resolve your issue promptly.

How to Connect to Remote Services

Connectivity is necessary to gather the data required to administer services like Automated Meter Reads (AMR) and Automated Supplies Replacement (ASR), as well as diagnostic support. There are two connection methods available. Please choose Xerox Device Agent or Device Direct below and follow the instructions to get your equipment connected. Need more information? Read how it works.

Important Notice: Automatic meter reads and/or automatic toner reporting may be disrupted for certain older printer models by an upcoming change. Action will be required to continue these services.

Select your Connection Method:

Find Device Direct Setup Instructions for your Product: