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Our Partnership with Clipper Ventures

With around 450 crew taking part, 15 stopovers on six continents and a fleet of racing yachts to maintain over the course of nearly a year, the Clipper Race Round the World is not only an endurance challenge for the competitors, but also for the organisers who need to manage the documents and communications that make it possible.

As a Clipper Global Business Partner, Xerox will provide printing technology and services to manage and deliver thousands of pages of documents critical to the Clipper Race, enabling the Clipper crew to focus on what matters most – the challenge and exhilaration of ocean yacht racing.

"The Clipper Race is the longest global ocean event of its kind and one of the truly great sporting challenges. Through our sponsorship, we're using Xerox people, products and services to help the race organisers navigate the unpredictability of pulling off an event of this scale," said Darrell Minards, Head of Marketing Communications, Xerox Europe.

"Supporting the Clipper Race helps us demonstrate Xerox's capabilities, showcase our brand and engage with our customers."

Xerox on Board

Hi, my name is Janet Webberley. I work for Xerox GDO where I manage the Multi-Media Content Development, Technology and Customer Services Groups for the division delivering Content Development and Language Services.

In September I'll be joining the Visit Finland team for Leg 2 of the Clipper Round The World Race sailing across the southern Atlantic from Rio to Cape Town. The race is 3,390 miles and, as well as the sailing, I am assistant Quarter Master which means shopping for 20 people for around 3 weeks. Read my story here.

Send me a message

I am somewhat apprehensive about joining the boat as each training session has been worse than the last: temperatures well below freezing, severe gales, torrential rain - and being sea-sick for the first time in my life. However good the weather is generally, whenever I go near a boat it deteriorates.

That's why my colleagues at Xerox have set up a messaging system so that anyone can send me a message whilst I'm on the boat. I'd love to hear from you – especially words of encouragement - and I'll respond when I can. I'll share my experiences when I return in October but until then you can see a full list of the messages below.

Latest messages to and from Janet
28/09/2011 Rhonda Weide - Dear, dear Janet, I am jealous! I'm the assistant to the Chief Accountant at the Xerox Wilsonville site in Oregon (USA) and I come from a boating family. I have sailed from LaPaz, MX to Seattle, WA (USA) about 2200 miles. It was challenging, and I can hardly imagine doing something similar in a competive enviornment. I've have followed the Clipper Races for years, and like you I also have two sons. You are awe inspiring!!!! Oh, do tell - how'd you feel against all the stars during your a.m. watch? Best regards, R
28/09/2011 Perry Bonck - Hey Janet, I'm hooked! Ever since the race started I find myself checking in several times a day to see the status and read the goings on. I'm not much of a sailor but I do own a boat and love being on the water. What an experience! I would so love to be a part of one of the teams but after checking into it further I realized that I probably can't afford it. Besides, my wife wouldn't appreaciate me being gone for several weeks at a time. So, for now, I'm living my fantasy trip through you. Thanks for the journey. Perry
28/09/2011 Tony Powell - Janet Great result - well done to you and the whole crew from everyone at CDLS. How are the land legs? Pretty wobbly I would imagine (although I gather that the final approach to Cape Town was like a millpond - at least compared to some other stretches! - with a worrying lack of wind). Looking forward to seeing you next week, and hearing all the stories. Working out of the Slough office will seem very different after the experience you have just had! Best regards, Tony
28/09/2011Janet - So, we're here - and second which is just brilliant. We had a very frustrating finish - 6m from CT we hit a wind hole and those last few miles took almost 3 hours which was dreadful - DLL had come within 9m of us and there was a concern that they might take a different approach at the end and pass us - but in fact, they came in some considerable time after us - and still only 3 boats are here. This morning I sat in the shower for 30m which was wonderful - it is so good to feel clean again. Boat cleaning today, repairs tomorrow and dragon boat racing on Saturday plus tea with the Finnish ambassador.

with best regards - Janet
27/09/2011 Margot Schutte - Hello Janet! Congrats on your amazing adventure! I'm sure it will test you in many ways but will be a very rewarding experience! Hey, once you're on the boat there is nowhere to go so you have no choice to stick it out! LOL
27/09/2011 Maria-Martha Hardman - Hi Janet, congrats on joining the race. I wish I were there, love sailing although not during winter/early spring on the Southern Hemisphere. you are doing great and the Xerox family is very proud of you. Will pray for a successful race without too many problems. Take care and happy sailing! MM
27/09/2011 Beverly Caldwell - Congratulations on your journey Janet - what stories you'll have! I'm glad you made this commitment. And great job holding off the rest of the fleet. Those Aussie's are FAST! That first shower after being offshore is always the best!
27/09/2011 Chris St. Rose - Hi Janet, Wish I were there to enjoy what must be a life altering experience. Hope the best for you and the rest of the crew.
27/09/2011Felicity Rodness - Hi Janet - my name is Felicity Rodness and I am a Production Specialist in Toronto. I am so impressed that you are doing this sailing race. I am an avid sailor/racer myself and my brother raced the Volvo in 2003 so I have seen how tough sailing around the world can be. That said it is a dream of mine to race across an Ocean, so I am so happy to see that Xerox has supported you and the Clipper Race. Have a great finish and think about how good a shower, good food, good wine will taste!!
27/09/2011Janet - Hi am almost there - it is 1am and, all being well, we'll arrive at 2pm or thereabouts tomorrow and, with luck and justice, will be 2nd as still holding DLL off - they had got to within 8m of us, now 13m away. Am so looking forward to a shower and washing my hair. Still, I now know that I don't need to wash and that one set of clothes is enough. Lots of spinnaker changes today - light to medium and back again (heavy is still in pieces despite hours of repair). Have just come off the helm - got up to 12k -can almost do it now :-).
Some abiding memories:
  • watching Rio and the amazing Brazilian coast line fade away - and still being able to just see the statue of Christ as evening fell and all else faded
  • whales, not as many as I would have liked but wonderful to see the ones we did
  • discovering that many albatross are in fact black and not very big at all
  • hacking the heave weight spinnaker down with a bread knife (well not me personally...)
  • sitting inside one evening as the storm raged with a group of people huddled over the sewing machine repairing the spinnaker, a couple at the nav station, two in the galley and it all seeming warm and cosy as one little boat battled through a very big sea
  • sitting on deck night after night being drenched by waves
  • being thrown out of my bunk as we crashed through the waves
  • fully realising how precious water is as we ran out and the weather prevented us from using the water maker - we had to use the emergency store for a day or two until the wind subsided
  • being permanently cold and wet - nothing is wind-proof and less is water-proof
  • the smell of fresh bread wafting onto deck as the sun rises and the night watch ends
  • lying on deck in the sun listening to Albatross (Fleetwood Mac) and watching the albatross following the boat
  • the good humour and wit of the skipper and the rest of the crew.
26/09/2011 John Oppy - What an experience! We look forward to hearing the stories upon your safe return. Best - John
26/09/2011 Diana Alexander - Janet, how courageous you are and what an adventure! Thanks for sharing with us and continued safe travels.
26/09/2011Janet - Many thanks for the messages - it is great to know people are following the race. This is my last early morning watch... it is 4am and a v quiet windless night with good stars - and, at last, a ship (tanker) on the horizon - also DLL is fast gaining on us which is not good, nor do I understand how unless they have harnessed a whale. We have changed a spinnaker tonight, but it is making little difference. So we will be 2nd or 3rd and in CT Tuesday. Wonderful day today - was able to lie on the deck in the sun listening to my i-pod - almost like a holiday. And so different from a few days ago when we were banging against huge waves in the cold.
24/09/2011Susan Unger - Hi Janet, You are an amazing person. We met back in 2000 when you worked for GKLS. I'm proud that you are a sailor! Although I was a Naval Officer, I don't have the drive to tough it out on a sail boat. I do know about sea sickness, but I hope you have a remedy. I'm sure you have gotten your sea by now. You'll be on dry land soon and your legs will be wobbly at first. Customers, and Xerox employees, will be astounded at your exceptional skills, experience, and I imagine your sea stories.
23/09/2011Debbie Ward - Hi Janet Been following your progress online - looks like a great route was opted for to make most of the wind. You must catch those Aussies! I am sure your culinary skills have been put to the test - as to how to make dinner for 16 without saffron, rose water, quails eggs, olives or red wine! :) Missing you here - missing the Janet 'just do it' style! Keep up the good work - fantastic achievement - looking forward to seeing that you make Cape Town by 27th. Cheers Debbie xx
23/09/2011Tony Sharman - Janet, Just want to wish you all the luck in the world for your LITTLE sailing trip. Hope the sea isn't too rough for you. Tony
23/09/2011Diego Orrego - Janet, What a fantastic experience!!! If there is a forthcoming opportunity to join the team just let me know. Wish you all the best on the coming days and, just keep it up !!! Best regards, D.Orrego
23/09/2011Di Robertson - Hi Janet, There's nothing like a Force 8 to put the rest of life's little challenges into proportion! However, I hope you are enjoying GOOD weather and are still up with the leaders. Enjoy it while you can, and good luck with the next bit.
23/09/2011Greg Pings - Everything I've read indicates that you and your crew-mates are tired, sore, and over-worked. And I want nothing more than to be in your shoes! Best of luck on this grand adventure, and thank you for letting us live vicariously.
23/09/2011Vashti Turner - Seems team spirit is not waning - but 2nd third will be testing I am sure - just wanted to offer support and best wishes. Pass on thoughts to entire team :)
22/09/2011 Brian Hudson - Hi Janet - seen the video - it looks scary. Hope you don't meet any Whirlpools in your Venture aboard.
22/09/2011 Kamron Arasteh - You go girl you can do it!
22/09/2011 Brian Cuthbertson Hi Janet, Hope you are having an amazing / thrilling experience on the ocean - must be tough I guess and exhausting but also very rewarding as an experience. All the best - Brian Cuthbertson in Service Delivery, Edinburgh, Scotland.
22/09/2011 Andrea Davis - Hi Janet Sounds like you are having the adventure of a lifetime. Looking forward to your next post. Stay strong - we're supporting you from here in Blighty!
22/09/2011 Paul Grove - Janet - all the very best out there. Go for it girl.
22/09/2011 Nicoline Brandligt - Dear Janet, I keep watching where you are on the Race Viewer, read your story, hope you manage to cook some fine stuff for the crew, but we know you can do better and nicer on dry land :-). Thinking of you and still wishing you good luck. See you soon.
22/09/2011 Blandine Filc - Janet, It is good to hear you are doing well and enjoying your time onboard. I have never heard you mention cooking pasta before. Is this a new skill? ,-) No doubt they will have tasted great, if maybe not be as elaborately prepared as you would have liked them to be. Good luck for the rest of the race!
22/09/2011 Amina Korb-Batchelor - Bravo Janet! I'm so impressed that you're braving the Southern Ocean! It's fantastic to be able to see flying fish and dolphins while racing to Cape Town. I wish you all the best for the rest of the race. Bonne chance, Amina :)
21/09/2011Andre Dupuis - Hi Janet, What a great story you're writing for your life! Congratulations! And your adventure is certainly inspiring me to looking into trying something new too. Maybe something a little more in line with my current interests...aviation. Thank you for sharing and for representing Xerox on such a noble endeavor. Sincerely, Andre Dupuis Xerox Canada Head Office Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21/09/2011Nicole Canuet - Hello Janet -just read the race report, the wet sounds interesting. Glad to see your boat is doing well and better-credit to your food or your boating skills? Hope that despite the wet, you are still able to find a dry spot to kip. Keep on boating -is there any other choice? Nicole
21/09/2011Michelle Eggleston - Hi Janet. I hope your journey is going well - just seen your pic on the web page. Have fun, stay safe and see you soon. Regards. Michelle
21/09/2011Nick Stainton - Are you done yet? Come on - we need you back! See you soon
21/09/2011Janet - Hello, it's 4:30 am here & much the best time to email. all is very quiet and there is thick cloud cover. Last night we came across a UK navy ship lurking around without lights on... That is the only ship we have seen since a survey boat just outside Rio, the south Atlantic is very empty.

We are doing ok, the wind has dropped so all is much easier. The sun was out this morning as we saw more dolphins - the water is so clear you can see them through the waves as they swim by. We also found 3 squid on deck - alas not worth eating, it would be so good to have some fresh food. At night there is a lot of fluorescent algae which sparkles in the water - quite amazing.

Everyone is tired, battered and bruised but in good spirits - the atmosphere is very positive and we think we'll be in CT next Tues or Wed.

Will email again before then.

with best rgds, Janet
20/09/2011Jo Duncan - Hi Janet, I hope all is going well and you haven't been suffering too badly with the sea sickness! It sounds like the team have been doing a brilliant job, so keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing all of your tales from your adventures when you are back on dry land. Jo
20/09/2011Christina Coltrini-Magowan - Janet, I think what you are doing is truly marvellous, wish I had the courage. What an adventure for you, wishing you all the very best. Christina
20/09/2011Patricia Khalil - Hi Janet, best of luck on your journey! Must be a real challenge but hopefully one that's fun and that you'll get a lot out of too! All the best! Patricia
20/09/2011Janet - Hi all, Many many thanks for your messages of support. Will try and email more regularly - generally I am on deck or asleep and the keyboard is bald so typing is very time consuming. Today I'm on mother watch, i.e. cooking - also time consuming - one hour to cook a pot of pasta.

It was bad luck losing the kite -we had to cut it down and are now mending it, bit by bit, like a giant jigsaw. Overall we lost 10hrs which we're trying to make up. We're on day 6 now and have done about 1/3 so expect to be in Cape Town on the 27th September. Last night was very challenging - huge waves and high winds, today is somewhat better. Have seen dolphins, whales, flying fish, and all sorts of birds, although we are still waiting for the albatross to appear.

The crew are all great - we have a lot of team spirit and a lot of good humour which is vital to everyone's wellbeing.

Speak soon.
19/09/2011Jane Campbell - Keep going, you're all doing great.... we have everything crossed for you and the rest of the Visit Finland Crew!
19/09/2011Mike Rogan - Make sure you use the right sun tan factor when sunbathing on deck - Good Luck.
17/09/2011Richard Machuta - Hi Janet - how goes it? As someone with no sea legs whatsover I admire you taking on this challenge. Hope you're having an absolute whale of a time. See you when you're back on terra firma!
15/09/2011Tony Powell - Bad luck with the heavyweight kite yesterday. Hope that you can make up the lost ground over the next few days. Just noticed that you are missing the triathlon. Was the Rio leg a preferable option? Hope the hairstyle holding up! Best wishes, Tony
13/09/2011Darrel Minards - Janet I hope the weather is better than it is here in the UK with tail end hurricanes making life grey, wet and windy. Hope the experience is shaping up even better than you hoped for. Congrats on making it to the race - no mean achievement and good luck for the rest of your voyage. Darrell
12/09/2011Gilly Highley - Just heard that Visit Finland is up to 3rd place. Excellent - you're getting it sorted then.
09/09/2011Nana Appafram - Hi Janet, its Nana here. I've just returned from a year doing my masters (my own 'adventure') and sounds like you are about to embark on your own! Very best of luck and I will be reading your messages with great interest. Sounds like CTC wasn't adventurous enough for you!! :-))
08/09/2011Gilly Highley - Hi Janet, How's it going? Gary has sent out a Communication so hundreds of people are now following your progress. Good luck to you and all the crew!
08/09/2011Robert Groves - Good luck Janet. Have a great journey!
08/09/2011John Grace - Great adventure, Enjoy. As they say in the US Navy. Be Smart Be Safe.
08/09/2011Elisabete Allen - Did you have some time off to enjoy Rio? I am keeping my fingers crossed for the weather and I hope that Clipper arrives in a good position.
08/09/2011Mike Siegwarth - Hi Janet! Stay safe and enjoy - we've got more work to do at Microsoft!!
06/09/2011Juhani Muhonen - Hi Janet! You're brave mother and good example to all of us! Do not forget to visit Xerox Finland office when coming to Finland. Best of luck! Juhani
06/09/2011Tanya Lock - Janet, wishing you all the best, I hope the race goes well!! Best wishes Tanya
06/09/2011Nick Stainton - Hi Janet, how's it going with you?? It's a bit of an extreme way of getting away from the British summer weather. Hope you are well and managing to enjoy the unique experience. Good luck. Best wishes Nick Stainton
06/09/2011Christa Carone - Thanks for waving the Xerox flag for us, Janet. We're proud to have you as our brand ambassador on land and on the sea. Good luck!
05/09/2011David Salisbury - Very best of luck Janet - stay safe and enjoy the experience :O)
05/09/2011James Marshall - Janet, good luck on your adventure of a life time. Have a great time.
01/09/2011Patty de Jong - Hi Janet, Good luck with the race, you lucky soul to be on this clipper! Kind regards, Patty your Dutch Xerox colleague (PR manager)
01/09/2011Candace Nahrgang - Janet, Good luck! Enjoy your adventure! I look forward to hearing more about it. Best to you!
01/09/2011Jane Campbell - Hi Janet, I think you are incredibly brave, not sure my stomach or my nerves could cope with something like this! Wishing you lots of luck, I'll be tracking Visit Finland every step of the way. ENJOY !
01/09/2011Andrea Davis - luck, Janet! You're braver than I! Will be keeping an eye on your race from Rio to Cape Town!
01/09/2011Jennifer Wasmer - Wishing you sunny skies and fair winds. Have fun, Janet!
01/09/2011Andy Hill - Good luck Janet, I think you are very brave. I'll be keeping a special eye on Visit Finland when I'm in Chicago - enjoy every second!
01/09/2011Evelyn Truter - Hi Janet Wishing you the very best of all ocean weathers and good winds for your leg of the race and to finish first on your Finnish boat!! I'm keeping my fingers-crossed for you!

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