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Law Firm Uses Xerox® DocuShare® to Deliver Premium Service

The Law Offices of Dibble & Miller: The Verdict is Easy, Xerox Solution Wins

Between briefs, motions, supporting records and other files, every case at a law firm is document-heavy. Dibble & Miller, P.C. needed a system that could help them manage their documents and was easy to use yet robust enough to store thousands of pages of content.

“Every case we handle is extremely document intensive. Briefs, motions, supporting records – every case is document-heavy.”

—David Nickason, Office Manager and IT specialist, Dibble & Miller, P.C.

The Challenge

“Briefs, motions, supporting records – every case is document-heavy,” says David Nickason, Office Manager and IT specialist for the firm.

“We’d made the move from stacks of file boxes with hard copy documents to computer generated content, but even managing electronic documents became a challenge.” The Dibble & Miller team runs a lean operation with an eye toward continually improving efficiency and productivity. They continually earn their reputation as premium service providers in a tough business environment.”

Practicing law is complicated enough without the added challenge of managing all the documents that must be stored, filed, organised, and accessed regularly. Dibble & Miller needed a system to manage their documents that was easy to use and robust enough to store thousands of pages of content.

The staff was also looking for a sophisticated system which would alert the right people when new content was added, give instant access to multiple users who needed to work with the same content, as well as provide a comprehensive profile of each document without having to open it. Says Nickason, “Every other solution we looked at was either too simplistic, or way too complicated and costly for a firm our size.” That’s why Dibble & Miller chose the DocuShare Document Repository – an innovative web-based content sharing software.

The Solution

DocuShare has the power and sophistication Dibble & Miller required, but is also extremely easy to learn and use, as it stores and manages electronic files using a common, folder-based organisational system.

Aside from its ease-of-use, DocuShare is also easy to implement. When Nickason downloaded the trial version, DocuShare was helping manage Dibble & Miller’s content within an hour. “It’s one of the easiest programs I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “You may not know every detail, but you’ll be up to speed in minutes.”

DocuShare is a powerful tool for legal research, supporting a higher level of collaboration. Research files and case documents are quickly retrieved by key word search. Using the DocuShare Client feature, large groups of documents can be drag-and-drop copied to a zip disk for use out of the office.”

The Results

  • Significant faster customer response time, improved customer satisfaction

  • Keyword search makes it easy to find research files and case documents

  • Attorneys can access materials digitally, and add new information case by case — to build new arguments based on past research

  • DocuShare Client allows large groups of documents to be copied to a zip disk for out-of-office use

  • Greater efficiency (and more billable hours)

  • Fewer administrative resources needed

  • Reduced paper and printing costs

With Xerox® DocuShare®, the firm’s attorneys have access to the documents they need 24/7. Legal research is simpler. And collaboration is quick and effortless. So they can help clients faster.

See how you can manage your content and processes more effectively with Xerox® DocuShare®.

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Xerox® DocuShare®

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