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Diverse coworkers in a brightly lit, open office

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion begins at the top with total executive support. It’s a way of life here.

Executive Diversity Council

Our Executive Diversity Council meets multiple times a year to review our diversity practices and to provide recommendations to the executive team.

This group focuses on:

  • workforce representation;

  • work environment;

  • diverse customer markets;

  • diversity practices, including training and organizational efforts to continually improve all aspects of diversity globally.

Employee caucus groups

Dating from the 1960s, independent caucus groups of employees continue to play an important role in our diversity story. Our caucus groups work with management to achieve common business objectives, self-advocacy and to create an environment of inclusion.

Seven caucus groups currently exist to address the concerns and meet the needs of our employees who are African-American; Hispanic; Asian; women; African-American women; gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual; and military veterans.

National Black Employee Association Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement The Women’s Alliance Black Women’s Leadership Council GALAXe Pride at Work Veteran Service Members Association

Corporate Champions

Our Corporate Champion program matches senior executives with caucus groups to facilitate and maintain open communications.

Our Chairman and CEO and other senior leaders meet with internal, diverse teams. During these informal sessions, teammates share their views on the work environment and identify actionable items for discussion. This collaborative process ensures that our executive leadership team and our CEO work together to create an effective and inclusive work environment.

Additional Groups

YP Nexus is a self-organized group of employees that create connections amongst Young Professionals within Xerox, provide networking opportunities with Xerox executives across the business, and welcome college new hires and interns to the Xerox community.

Xerox Innovation Women’s Council is a coalition of women from across our Innovation Group. They identify key projects to improve the work experience of men and women in research and represent the interests of our employees, especially women, to senior management in each of our global research centers.

Winning Ways is a women-centric group based in India supporting recruitment, growth, networking and mentoring for female job candidates and employees.

Everywoman Network, based in the UK, is a networking and professional development platform with access to webinars, workbooks and online tutors, articles and interviews with senior women in business. Membership is available for all UK-based staff both male and female.