• Picture Perfect: Thriving with Photo Publishing

Picture Perfect: Thriving with Photo Publishing

Digital has dramatically changed the photo industry — and also created a wealth of new opportunities for print providers.

Digital cameras, mobile devices and advancements in digital printing technologies have all reframed the photo industry. Today, consumers are creating customized products ranging from photo books, calendars and cards to brochures, portfolios and more.

Tapping into this lucrative, high-margin market can open new revenue streams while strengthening your existing application offerings.

Key Stats and Opportunities

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Photo merchandise drives loyalty

What features do customers value, and how much more will they pay for it?

Where consumers are placing orders

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

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  1. Choose a market entry point that best aligns your competencies with the needs of your customers
  2. Optimise your operation with workflow software and finishing equipment
  3. Showcase your offerings by always having a range of substrates and samples on hand
  4. Position photo printing as the way to preserve and enhance memories

Conversation Starters:

Here are some conversation starters to convey the value you can bring to your customers.

  • “We offer speciality photo products that fit any occasion.”
  • “Making your greeting card or photo book really ‘pop’ is easy with our unique substrates and special effects.”
  • “We know quality is at the top of your list — and we have the technology to deliver it.”

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