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human rights

Xerox and Human Rights

Xerox Corporation was founded on the basic principle that we have an obligation to respect the rights of stakeholders and to be a participatory member of the communities where our people work and live and where our brand is represented and visible. As our company has grown, human rights practices and policies have become fundamental to how we conduct our business. This holds true today. 

To ensure respect for human rights throughout our supply chain, Xerox subscribes to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition. EICC is a standards-based approach for monitoring suppliers' compliance across several areas of social responsibility, including labor, health, safety, and environmental activity. In addition, Xerox’s Code of Business Conduct, available in 19 languages aligns directly with the company's core values and strong consideration for human rights. 

Xerox's policy letter on human rights outlines our commitment to human rights for our people, our customers, our supply chain and our communities.