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Print samples with metallic ink from the Xerox Iridesse Production Press

Meet the Xerox® Iridesse® Colourful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press

Six colours in a single pass. Specialty Enhancements. Spot-on Registration.

The Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press offers all the hallmarks of a digital press — personalisation, economical short runs, spot-on registration and agile production — enhanced by new, high-value, inline capabilities. These capabilities allow you to combine stunning, four-colour imagery with up to two Speciality Dry Inks in a single pass. When our customers talk about their love for their Iridesse, these advancements come up time and again. Here’s what customers have to say:

Effects that have never been seen before!

“A true masterpiece of modern digital printing technology. Silver, gold, low gloss clear, clear, fluorescent pink, white underprinting or overprinting – effects are possible that have never been seen before.” Olaf Kirchner Owner/Managing Director City Druck Erfurt (Erfurt, Germany)

Employees from City Druck Erfurt with their Xerox Iridesse Press

WOW Effect

“Vibrant colours enhanced with Clear Dry Ink give a real WOW effect. Thanks to Iridesse, our printed products acquire a touch of personality that delight even the most demanding customers.” Diletta Antonelli Marketing & Communication Manager System Graphic Srl (Rome, Italy)

system graphic iridesse

New Possibilities

“With the Iridesse we’re helping our clients add more creativity and more WOW to their print, whilst receiving more choice and more value. True gold, silver, metallics and now fluorescent pink are all possible, not impossible.” Dave Gibbons Managing Director KNP Litho (Suffolk, England)

knp litho iridesse

Accelerated Offset to Digital Transition

“The quality and printing speed of Iridesse significantly accelerated the transition from offset to digital, enabling us to be quicker in processing and delivering jobs.” Marco Pilia Owner Grafiche Pilia srl (Tortolì, Italy)

Staff of Grafiche Pilia with their Xerox Iridesse Press

Wider Colour Gamut and Better Colour Saturation

“Printing quality and speed are amazing. This is the best machine for our purposes. Because of the new fluorescent pink colour, we are able to print in wider colour gamut and deliver better colour saturation.”

Wojciech Pawlowski & Marcin Pawlowski, Owners Badge4u (Jaworzno, Poland)

Wojciech Pawlowski & Marcin Pawlowski of Badge4U with their Xerox Iridesse Press

Impactful Print Product

“It's important to stand out from the crowd, and with our Iridesse with Gold, Silver and Clear speciality inks, our clients can take away an impactful print product with superb quality and consistency.” Tahir Chowdary, Managing Director Vizability Media Group (London, England)

Staff of Vizability Media Group with their Xerox Iridesse Press

Broader Spectrum of Services with the Iridesse Press

“We love showcasing the broader spectrum of services we can offer with the speciality inks, enabling designers to create unique and interesting designs on beautiful paper.”

Nigel Clarke Managing Director Clarkeprint (Birmingham, England)

Staff of Clarkeprint with their Iridesse Press

Expanding Our Digital Platform

“Our clients have been really impressed with the effects that we can create with the gold, silver, white and clear inks. Xerox Iridesse represents an expansion of our digital platform and adds the latest digital printing technology and capabilities to our offering to support what our customers require.”

Bilgehan Aslan, Director Stokey Print Shop (London, England)

Bilgehan Aslan, Director of Stokey Print Shop, with their Iridesse Press

Saying YES to More Jobs

"The Xerox Iridesse has given us additional revenue streams by increasing the impact of the printed sheet. We're most impressed with its ability to print on non-fiber substrates. With Iridesse we are able to say YES to more jobs!"

Thomas Moe, President / CEO Daily Printing Inc. (Plymouth, MN)

The Daily Printing team with their Xerox Iridesse Press

Unanimously in Favour of Iridesse

“After carefully examining and testing the digital production machines on the market, the decision was unanimously in favour of the Xerox Iridesse. The main reasons were the wide range of options with regard to the variety of substrates and the possibility to use special colours. With this investment decision, we are opening new, spectacular applications for our customers to implement their high-quality printed matter.”

Wolfgang Forobosko, Owner Satz und Druck-Team Ges.m.b.H. (Klagenfurt, Austria)

Wolfgang Forobosko Owner Satz und Druck Team Ges m b H

High Quality and Innovation

"Xerox Iridesse guarantees our customers the highest quality and innovation, with the capability to print spot metallics such as silver and gold - until now only available in offset - even when we have to run small print runs, at a very reasonable price." Albert Paradell & Jordi Gaya Minerva (Barcelona, Spain)

Albert Paradell & Jordi Gaya Minerv

It Can Only Be Iridesse

“For its productivity, image quality, reliability and the possibility to capture new markets with the silver and clear inks – it can only be Iridesse.”

Xavier Deysine, Chairman La Maison Du Document (Caen, France)

La Maison Du Document and their Iridesse

Why Iridesse?

“We chose the Iridesse because of its image quality, registration, productivity and Xerox Commercial and Service support.”

Arnaud Barbeau, Production Director Normandie Roto (Lonrai, France)

Employees at Normandie Roto

Significantly Enriched Our Product Offering

"Bold impressions with Iridesse. We bring the wildest creations to life instantly."

Philippe Sforza, Manager Reprocolor31 (Toulouse, France)

Philippe Sforza of Reprocolor31 with Xerox Iridesse

Our Customers are Amazed

"Simplicity, in-line finishing, stock range and additional colours amaze our most demanding customers – the Iridesse is perfect and so fast.”

Didier Costa, Director Espace Repro (Toulouse, France)

Didier Costa, Director, Espace Repro with Xerox Iridesse

New Printing Possibilities

“We have introduced the Xerox Iridesse Production Press to expand our digital range. With the introduction of the Gold, Silver, Clear, White, and Fluorescent Pink colours, we can give our current cliental new printing possibilities. With our in-house design team, we are looking forward to making ideas come to life.”

Ian Clark, Director Michael Egan Associates Ltd (London, England)

michael egan associates iridesse

Many Innovations in One Machine

"We chose Iridesse to meet the expectations of our customers, to sell more valuable products, and to have many innovations in one machine. White and metallic colours have increased both our customer portfolio and our valuable product sales volume. In a pandemic environment, where printing volumes are falling, it was very important to be able to sell our prints with value. We started to gain more new customers, especially in the label industry. We have learned that in order to see the real volume of the label industry and to make more sales in this sector, we have to serve with more capable machines instead of conventional CMYK machines."

Lokman Demir, Owner Arena Dijital (Istanbul, Turkey)

Employees at Arena Dijital

Pushing the Boundaries with the Iridesse Press

"We are proud to be the first higher education institution in Canada to showcase the Xerox Iridesse. The Iridesse has presented us with the opportunity to push the boundaries to enhance our print capabilities, as well as the quality and types of printing we can support the campus community with, and naturally fits into our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This enables us to support the academic mission of the university, which contributes overall to enhancing the University of Waterloo’s reputation globally."

Randy Dauphin, Associate Director – Operations Strategic Initiatives University of Waterloo - Print + Retail Solutions (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Metallic ink print sample on the Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press YouTube Video

Helping Our Customers Stand Out

"Besides the gamut extension colours on iGen 5, we now offer Xerox Iridesse with Gold, Silver, White and Clear ink. The colour gamut, longer sheet sizes and extra colours help our customers to stand out from the competition with top quality short run or personalised brochures, leaflets and high quality photobooks."

Jeroen van Druenen, CEO Jubels BV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Jubels Iridesse Press

Standing Out from the Crowd

"Two years ago DLS Creative chose to invest in the Iridesse Production Press so that we could offer print capabilities that made us unique in the digital print industry. As a team of all females, all with graphic design backgrounds, we really wanted to dive in deep when it came to the print process and understand how to design show-stopping, unique print pieces that would wow our clients time and time again. By adding clear, silver, gold and metallic inks to our portfolio, to being able to print variable data directly onto mail pieces to being able to produce full bleed brochures, the Iridesse truly has been a game changer efficiency of our digital print company.

We wanted a press that would make us stand out from the crowd of other Delaware printers, open up our pricing to make us more competitive and also offer superior print quality and the Iridesse has proven to do all of those things."

Rebecca Lennon, Marketing Executive DLS Creative (Wilmington, DE)

customer success dls creative
Print samples from DLS Creative.

Fantastic Print Quality

"We are continually looking to improve our service to our customers. The Iridesse provides increased productivity with fantastic print quality – calibration, registration and accuracy. The silver and clear toners as well as long sheet media provides that extra bit of bling that people are looking for, but at a cost-effective price. Our design team is now enjoying the exciting opportunities of utilising new paper stock and using the speciality toners, creating incredible printed results."

Amanda Gallacher, Print Services Manager University of Bristol (Bristol, UK)

customer university bristol iridesse

Opening New Channels of Creative Design

“The new Iridesse has opened new channels of creative design in our printed materials with the use of the metallic toners.”

Curtis Ebdon, Senior Director, Design and Digital Print Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT)

fairfieldu colorful s

This Press Makes Me Want to Go to Work Tomorrow

“I have a passion for printing and I never thought that there was anything but litho, but Xerox has proved me so wrong. My clients just love what we deliver. Truly, we have never received as many compliments on our work than we have from our work on the Iridesse. Not only is the registration dead on, but the colours are so vibrant, you can almost touch them.

There is printing, and there is the art of printing — and Xerox has delivered both with the Iridesse.

Simply put, this press makes me want to go to work tomorrow.”

Dennis Beck, Owner Minuteman Press (North Palm Beach, Florida)

Dennis Beck with Xerox Iridesse Production Press

Technology Leaders

“Being the first to install the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press in Canada, we are now technology leaders. This new press is going to open up opportunities that we previously never imagined including packaging, metallic and clear inks while positioning our company as the preeminent digital trade printer in the Winnipeg area.”

Bhadresh Bhatt, Founder & President PrintPro (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) Learn more

PrintPro Canada team with Xerox Iridesse digital press

Leaders in Our Market

“We want to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, by being the leaders in our market. With the addition of the Iridesse and Brenva presses we have expanded the offerings to our clients.”

B.J. Chandler, Owner Mountain View Printing (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Mountain View Printing

Stunning Image Quality

“We've had a long relationship with Xerox and they have become our trusted partner in providing technological advances to our business. We are delighted with the stunning image quality and enhancements using silver, gold and clear dry inks, which puts us ahead of the game.”

Lee Jordan, Sales Director Hickling & Squires (Nottinghamshire, U.K.)

Hickling & Squires

Great Return on Investment

“Recommended by our trusted Xerox supplier First Copy, the Iridesse is a big game changer, printing 6 colours in one pass. We can offer more complex printing as standard — with greater productivity and image quality. It’s a great addition to production with a greater return on investment. Silver, gold and clear are perfect to upsell on any order."

Steve Shedden, Owner Ivory Graphics (Cambridgeshire, UK)

Ivory Graphics

The Perfect Fit

“We’ve been trying to find a way to differentiate ourselves in the market for quite some time, and the Iridesse was our solution. With amazing print quality and registration, higher print availability and colour accuracy from job to job, we knew this would be the perfect fit.”

Carlos Cunha, Partner Simões & Gaspar (Carregado, Portugal)

Simões & Gaspar

It’s a No Brainer

“The decision to move to the Iridesse was a no brainer — we could see the potential and real benefits we can now offer to our customers having the 5th and 6th colours Gold and Silver. When you combine this with improved speed, quality and the extra finishes that are now possible we can see an overall increase in throughput in the whole digital department.”

Peter Cunningham & Margo Quinn, Managers Standard Printers (Galway, Ireland)

Standard Printers Xerox iridesse Reviews 4

Keeping Our Market Leadership

“Our printing house was the first in Hungary to purchase the new Iridesse Production Press as it offers unique services which can help us to keep our market leader position. This includes metallic silver, gold and clear applications in one printing pass, which were difficult to produce formerly, giving us the opportunity to provide unique solutions quickly and at competitive prices.”

István Veres, Manager Digital Press (Budapest, Hungary)

iridesse colorful digital press hungary

Top Quality Printing

“The Iridesse offers everything we need from a modern press, top quality printing with some great effects using metallic and clear inks, exceptional full colour quality printing and the speed that we need to complete multiple jobs a day. We are in a good position moving forward to continue to grow as a successful digital printer.”

Dave Dixon, Operations and Marketing Minuteman Press Bath (Somerset, England)

Dave Dixon Minuteman Press Bath

Opening Our Scope

“As the largest digital production facility in the region, at Atlas we felt that the Iridesse would further open our scope in the high end market by allowing metallic underlays with CMYK and complement the iGen 4 and iGen 5. It would allow us to create spot embellishment effects and patterns at a far more cost effective rate for short runs which was not possible before.”

Amit Radia, CEO Atlas Printing Press (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Amit Radia, CEO of Atlas Printing Press, standing next to an Iridesse Production Press.

Putting Us Ahead

“The Iridesse has opened up a new dimension in print capabilities that has changed the way we approach design. The gamut of our product offering has been widened significantly for our customers who are always hungry for something new, putting us ahead of other printers in this very competitive industry.”

Lisa Saville, Owner Hot Ink (Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

Hot Ink Colourful

Standing Out

“We always aim to be number 1, this is why we decided to install a digital press with features previously unavailable on the market. With the Xerox Iridesse Production Press we have a much wider range of visual effects available for our clients. They can really stand out now on this highly competitive market with creativity and minimal costs!”

Natalya Rukina, General Manager Digital Technologies (Moscow, Russia)

woman standing nect to printer

Iridesse is the Flagship of My Company

"I love printing as much as I can in my life. What the Iridesse has to offer impresses me. The quality of the Iridesse enables me to switch flexibly between offset and digital printing. With the help of Iridesse I can expand my existing customer relationships and win new customers."

Christian Haas, Owner Offsetdruck Haas (Pettendorf-Kneiting, Germany)

iridesse colorful offsetdruck

Game Changer

"The Iridesse in printing terms is the top of its class. It’s a game changer, as it will allow us to offer a wide variety of print applications. This will give our new and existing customers exciting options with creative papers and embellishments in a cost efficient way, which was very difficult to offer previously."

Aaron Klewchuk, Director Bally Print (Northern Ireland)

aaron klewchuk director bally print

Drives Innovation

"The Iridesse was the obvious choice as the next addition to our digital offering. We saw it as an opportunity to open new market places with the addition of the metallics and clear procesess. We wanted a reliable machine that could complement our drive for constant improvement and innovation."

Marcus Bowen, Sales & Marketing Director LGDavis (Birmingham, England)

marcus owen lgdavis

Opens a Wide Range of Business

"With the Iridesse Digital Press, we have managed to open a wide range of business in a sector that has not been digitally treated so far, screen printing, thanks to printing on PVC and vinyl materials (both opaque and transparent). It allows us to do special effects and iridescent colours on both paper and on this type of material, with the right mix of silver, gold, white and clear along with the classic CMYK. The clear ink also allows for dimensional and textured printing."

Rafael Velasco, Graphic Arts Coach and Sales Manager IVEL COLOR (Barcelona, Spain)

Rafael Velasco ivel color

Iridesse is a Game Changer

"The Iridesse is a real game changer in the field of printing, due to both its quality and its ability to create outstanding effects. The results will satisfy even the most demanding customers."

Antonis Kollias, Owner NEXT S.A. (Nea Ionia, Greece)

Next SA

Meet the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press

Woman blowing gold glitter

Experience the “Wow” Factor

Meet the world’s first inline, six-colour digital platform that delivers breathtaking image quality, jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues — in a single pass.

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