Evolving the Workplace

Evolving the Workplace

Global Workforce

The experience, skills and cultural diversity of the people who work at Xerox worldwide represent our most important asset. Our wide range of products and services requires a diverse employee population, representative of the markets in which we do business.

Data pertaining to the demographics, diversity and union representation of our global workforce is available in our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Progress Summary.

For more information, please visit: https://www.xerox.com/downloads/dl/usa/en/x/2018-corporate-social-responsibility-progress-summary.pdf

Diversity and Inclusion

At Xerox, diversity is an essential part of our corporate culture. Treating others with respect and offering equal opportunity regardless of origin, race, gender or sexual orientation makes us stronger because it allows us to take full advantage of a global workforce that is rich in experience, knowledge and creativity. Many of our accomplishments as a company originate from teams of diverse individuals whose varying perspectives complement one another as they work together to achieve our strategic goals.

To see our workplace goals and progress, please visit https://www.xerox.com/en-us/about/corporate-social-responsibility

Award-Winning Diversity

Year after year, Xerox was recognized for embracing diversity in the workplace. The following is a list of some of our acknowledgements from 2017 through May 2018:

  • “Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work” by Diversity MBA Magazine
  • “50 Best Companies for Diversity” by Black Enterprise Magazine
  • Best Companies to Work for LGBT Employees by Human Rights Campaign Foundation (Xerox has consistently scored 100 percent on this index annually since its inception more than a decade ago)
  • 2017 AT&T Supplier Diversity Crystal Award
  • 2017 Black Enterprise’s Registry of African American Corporate Directors
  • U.S. Veterans Magazine Top Veteran-Friendly Companies
  • U.S. Veterans Magazine Top Veteran-Friendly Supplier Diversity Programs
  • “Best of the Best Supplier Diversity Programs 2018” by Black Equal Opportunity Employment Magazine
  • “Best Companies for Latinos in TECH” by LATINO Magazine
  • 2018 Fortune’s Most Admired Companies List
  • Flex Jobs Top 100 Company with remote jobs
  • “Top 50 Best Companies for Latinas Represented by Chief Ethics Officer Flor Daniels as One of the Highest-Ranking Latinas in Corporate America” by Latina Style Magazine
  • Six-time 2020 Women on Boards Winning “W” Company, which recognizes the importance of board diversity

Executive Leadership Diversity Council

The Executive Leadership Diversity Council consists of senior leaders from across Xerox who meet to discuss matters such as:

  • Workforce representation
  • Work environment
  • Diverse customer markets
  • Organizational efforts to address the needs of a multicultural workforce

In addition, select Council members may be involved in other diversity initiatives, such as the Corporate Champion Program, where senior executives are matched with employee affinity groups.

The “champions” educate our senior management on their groups’ environmental perspective and community initiatives.

Global independent affinity groups also play an important role in our diversity story. These groups are instrumental in advocating openness, opportunity and inclusion for the entire Xerox community. They work with management to achieve common business objectives and self-advocacy, and to create an environment of inclusion. Our affinity groups currently address the concerns of our employees who are millennials and veterans, as well as those who are African American, African American women, Asian, Hispanic, women and/or gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender.

Additional groups that promote inclusion include: Winning Ways, a women-centric group based in India supporting recruitment, growth, networking and mentoring for female job candidates and employees. In the U.K., along with the launch of a chapter of The Women’s Alliance, one of the affinity groups we have partnered with is the Everywoman Network. Membership provides employees with access to personal development tools, including monthly webinars, workbooks with online tutors, articles and interviews with senior women in business.

Non-discrimination Policy

Globally, we create policies that support our business goals and reflect the culture of the countries where we do business. Xerox does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, union status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

By focusing on diversity, Xerox hires, promotes and retains the best people who are well-suited for our business. We’ve designed our hiring and promotion efforts to ensure a deep, diverse reserve of strong players who are ready to assume leadership roles. Our hiring practices include engaging Xerox people to recruit at universities and career fairs, providing scholarships to minority students interested in information technology, and offering internships and co-op programs to diverse groups of students and new graduates.

Scholarships and Recruitment

Over the years, we have granted 120+ scholarships through our Technical Minority Scholarship Program, and we are constantly reaching out to young people through local, regional and global programs such as the FiRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics competition and the Xerox Science Consultant Program that encourages broader interest in science and technology. Additionally, working along with our seven Employee Diversity Resource groups, we support direct mentorship programs, scholarships, and encourage employee to student outreach and seminars. To expand our recruitment efforts further, we are partnering with the Society of Hispanic Engineers and other technical programs. We have a similar university outreach program for recruiting African American employees from historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Equal Employment Opportunity

In the U.S., Xerox complies with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines and all applicable federal, state and local laws that govern the hiring and treatment of its employees. We do not discriminate against veterans, including veterans of the Vietnam era and disabled veterans, individuals with a disability or employees who take protected leave time.

For information on our Supplier Diversity Program and Performance, please see the “Supplier Relations” section.

Talent Management and Workforce Development

We are reinventing Xerox. For over a century, Xerox has been a technology icon and one of the world’s most well-known brands, delivering innovation that is integral to modern life. Going forward, we are focused on reinvention and writing the next chapter with some of the best and most diverse minds in the technology industry. We are driving our transformation through innovation across the business and in how we approach learning and development. Talent management and workforce development is crucial for the future of Xerox and fueling business growth, so we leverage high-impact practices and technology to drive global workforce capability and integrate learning with work.

Xerox is focused on talent and organizational capability. Our organization and talent planning process includes reviews with senior leaders to build our talent pipeline. We are committed to attracting and developing the best talent, with a focus on diversity and building global capability. Our culture is inclusive, values differences, and encourages collaboration to help our people thrive and reach their full potential.

Our company culture is:

  • Collaborative, helping each other be better
  • Results-driven, accountable to our customers
  • Empowered, to boldly serve our customers and partners
  • Disciplined, focused on how we think, plan and prioritize

We are reinventing our culture of learning. Rather than simply “delivering training,” we integrate continuous learning into day-to-day work and management practices. For launch in 2019, we’re completely rebuilding our learning ecosystem to ensure our people have access to critical resources for business success, and to align with new corporate vision, values and business direction.

To thrive in a competitive business landscape, we rely on the expertise of our workforce. For us, talent development is much more than just delivering training. Key priorities include:

  • Fueling leader-led talent management and workforce development, and learning enabled by all managers.
  • Fostering ownership of high-performance and career-focused development among employees.
  • Integrating learning with work and building a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.

Career Planning

We want employees to have rewarding careers at all levels, so our learning and development strategy plays an important part in enabling success. As part of the performance management process, managers and employees work together to build personalized development plans. In addition, we are continually focused on our next generation of leaders. When managers recognize an emerging leader on their team, they work with the individual to plan developmental assignments to stretch and test their capabilities. We identify and accelerate high potentials, as well as provide growth opportunities for our people. Senior leaders review performance and career steps with those who are poised to assume key roles. More broadly, Human Resources provides a forum for management to review the future needs of the organization, noting strengths, gaps and strategies to build strong teams for the next chapter at Xerox.

Global Learning Innovation for Employees and Partners

Employees and authorized business partners can access our online global learning and development environment. We provide resources for valuable industry and Xerox proprietary certifications. In addition to on-demand virtual learning, we offer face-to-face and virtual instructor-facilitated classes, virtual hands-on labs (vHOLs), online collaboration, user-generated knowledge sharing, curated resources and performance support to our people and partners worldwide. For global reach, our virtual hands-on labs are delivered through a hybrid cloud environment for remote access to the controllers from our product portfolio during learning events. Learning history is tracked online and available for employees and partners to include in their professional portfolio.

On-the-job experience improves current capabilities, as well as builds a foundation for the future. These experiences provide hands-on opportunities to expand and enhance skills. Our strategy includes a focus on workforce knowledge sharing across regions.

We recognize that a strong employee induction experience for new hires is important for their success. Targeted learning covers topics such as ethics, diversity and inclusion, and information security, as well as organization and critical job-specific information.

Access to Learning Technology

Our global learning environment supports formal and informal workforce development needs. Xerox employees and authorized partners have access to learning and performance support around the clock and through instructor-facilitated learning for targeted initiatives. Self-service learning includes videos, online classes and digitized books. For example, our video-sharing platform contains short videos created by Xerox employees to increase workforce engagement, identify and promote innovative solutions and accelerate adoption of successful business strategies – knowledge sharing to get the job done.

Xerox provides curated learning resources targeted to employee and partner population needs. Our leadership and management development gateway for the enterprise enables the development of leaders at multiple levels. We provide a carefully selected collection of internal and external learning resources, including videos, courses, books, and audio books for each level of leadership.

We evaluate learning initiatives to ensure they contain relevant knowledge, fill skill gaps and promote employee development. We assess the effect on our business through impact studies to understand how learning enhances productivity and effectiveness.

We have a history of excellence in workforce development and are actively reinventing for our future. In recent years, our global learning and development offerings have been recognized by the talent development industry for thought leadership and highlighted in publications such as Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Elearning! Magazine and Training Magazine. We have received industry recognition from Bersin by Deloitte as a “Learning Leader” and won the WhatWorks Award. Our video learning solution was profiled by CEB (now Gartner) as a leading example of enabling workforce knowledge sharing for growth and development. Xerox also was recognized as a learning leader through participation in a White House summit focused on the Upskill America initiative. The commitment to our workforce was referenced in the associated White House report.

Health, Wellness and Safety

We believe that the health of our business depends on the health and safety of our people. From giving our employees and their families the means to manage their health to making workplaces and commutes safer, we continue to make measurable changes in the lives of our people worldwide.


Our healthcare philosophy — Healthy Together — focuses on helping employees and family members make informed healthcare decisions and gives them the tools to manage their health and wellbeing. Employees can also access various health and wellness programs through the healthcare carriers they select. As part of the Healthy Together program, the company provides free, confidential wellness screenings on an annual basis so employees can identify key health risks and work with their primary care physician. Xerox also contracted with various wellness vendors to assist employees in developing action plans to address these risks. We provide easy access to meaningful, timely and relevant information through a single portal, simplifying the experience of choosing and using benefits. Currently, this program is available to employees in the United States.

Employee Safety

Xerox is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our people. We strive toward a goal of zero workplace injuries, continually decreasing the frequency and severity of injuries every year. In 2017, our global total recordable injury (TRI) rate decreased by five percent, and our day away from work case (DAFW) rate decreased by two percent from 2016 levels. Overall, these improvements have continued since 2012 and are the result of the increased safety awareness and communications to our employees, and focused safety management processes within our management teams.

We have in place a robust, worldwide incident reporting process. This, in combination with workplace safety inspections and hazard analysis, focuses our safety improvement efforts where we can make the most impact on preventing incidents and where populations are most at risk. Employee safety communications take a variety of forms, given the great diversity in our operations and workplaces. A number of methods are used to keep employee safety awareness high, including site specific hazard management, off the job safety information and communications regarding unique safety concerns that may be endemic to the geography.

Day Away from Work (DAFW) Rate

Day Away From Work Rate

1Data in this section includes Xerox Technology Operations but excludes Global Imaging Services operations.

Safe Facilities

In order to ensure that all Xerox owned and leased facilities meet our stringent fire and life safety requirements, all real estate transactions are reviewed by the Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) organization prior to occupying. Xerox fire safety and life safety requirements were established and are implemented worldwide, regardless of location, size of the facility or occupancy classification. The focus of the safety review is Life Safety requirements, including safe egress in an emergency, fire and incident prevention, early detection, suppression, occupant notification and prompt emergency response. These reviews also ensure that building specific emergency plans are implemented and updated, and that emergency drills are completed at least on an annual basis.

Asset Protection and Fire Safety

The Xerox Asset Protection and Fire Safety Program provides fire-safe workplaces and limits the potential for losses to Xerox equipment and property from fire, explosion and natural hazards, such as windstorms, snow-loading collapse and floods. The program includes periodic inspections, management reviews of findings, and mitigation planning. Our philosophy is to maintain our higher-value locations to a “Highly Protected Risk” standard. In addition, locations are reviewed for conformance to Xerox standards and recognized fire, property and life safety standards. We continue to demonstrate excellent loss control performance and benefit from favorable insurance rates and premiums.

Contractor Safety Process

The goal of the Contractor Safety Program is to ensure contracted work conforms to all applicable regulations and Xerox Environment, Health and Safety requirements. Contractors are qualified to the safety and health requirements prior to beginning work at a Xerox location. Contractors are required to submit a job safety plan, and workers on U.S. Xerox sites must attend a safety orientation session and complete the OSHA 10-Hour Safety course, when appropriate to the job function. Incidents and injuries are tracked both as feedback to the contractor and to measure program effectiveness. Although first established in our Webster, New York, operations, this model has been applied successfully in many of our larger locations.

Xerox also functions as a contractor for many Xerox client accounts. At these sites, we follow our internal safety standards, establish safety plans, deliver specific employee training, and maintain management oversight to ensure our operations meet both Xerox and client requirements.

Environment, Health and Safety Project Reviews

We continually make modifications to our facilities, work processes and operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. To ensure these changes meet applicable Xerox safety consensus standards and regulatory requirements, projects are reviewed by occupational safety and health professionals. The scope of the project is defined, potential safety and environmental impacts are characterized, and control requirements are established and communicated before the project is initiated. The process serves to inform the engineering and management teams of safety requirements and ensures all project designs have controls integrated into the work plans. The process ensures environmental, health and safety requirements are understood and implemented at the beginning of each project.

Audit Program

A well-established internal audit program measures our success in implementing corporate standards, allows us to share best practices and helps us validate regulatory compliance. Audits at major operations are conducted once every three to five years or sooner, based on performance. The frequency and the focus of the audits are based on the inherent risks associated with the operations.

Xerox audit teams evaluate operations against our internal standards, external regulations and industry guidelines. The teams also evaluate management system performance. With the assistance of the local managers and support staff, action plans are developed and deficiencies corrected. Senior management pays particular attention to situations with the potential to pose a significant risk of environmental damage, serious injury to employees or regulatory non-compliance. Xerox’s audit program is an important mechanism for identifying and correcting performance gaps.

Compliance Report

Our workplaces continue to have exemplary Safety and Health compliance performance. In 2017, there were only three non-serious OSHA citations and no penalties issued. The citations involved minor discrepancies in an employee training documentation, the hazard labeling of one container and the inspection documentation of an eyewash station; all within one of our larger manufacturing operation. All deficiencies were immediately resolved and none resulted in any employee safety consequence.

Emergency Preparedness

Because emergencies and disasters often strike without warning, Xerox has implemented an emergency preparedness and response program to help protect the safety of our employees, the surrounding communities and the environment.

To prepare for emergencies, Xerox facilities worldwide have implemented site-specific Emergency Action Plans to assist with the execution of appropriate actions in response to local emergencies. Our plans account for common emergencies such as responding to fires, for weather-related emergencies such as tornadoes and hurricanes, and for more location-specific emergencies such as responding to earthquakes and radiological emergencies. We also include resources and procedures for first aid medical response in the event of an injury or illness to an employee in our facilities. In our more complex and higher hazard operations, we have Medical Emergency Response Teams (MERTs). These MERT employees are provided with the training and equipment necessary to render quick response to stabilize the medical emergency until more advanced medical support arrives.

Shelter-in-Place procedures have also been implemented to protect our employees from emergency situations that occur outside of our facilities.

In addition to emergency action plans established at the local operation level, there are preparedness plans at the corporate level including major incident response, crisis management and pandemic preparedness. These plans are designed with a central corporate strategy that utilizes an incident command structure. Incident Response Managers are responsible for local/regional tactical and emergency response, coordinating efforts at their respective locations with the Corporate Crisis Management Team and addressing local business operations issues. Response coordination and integration are part of the planning process.

All preparedness plans are routinely tested for effectiveness through management reviews, corporate audits and annual drills. Any discrepancies are noted and corrective actions are implemented. Following an emergency, Business Resumption Plans are put into action to ensure the business operations are quickly restored.

Workplace Health Management

Our workplace health programs include processes for emergency medical response, the characterization of employee fitness for duty, and pre-employment drug testing. In addition, programs are in place for conducting medical exams in connection with safety-sensitive work, and drug testing and immunizations based upon specific work operations and client accounts.

Preventing and Monitoring Workplace Exposures

To protect employees from unsafe exposures to chemicals, noise and radiation, Xerox applies exposure limits to worldwide manufacturing, research and technology service operations based upon the Threshold Limit Values (TLV) recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. These reflect the best advice of a widely respected committee of international experts. However, in jurisdictions where government regulations are more stringent, Xerox meets those regulatory requirements. For some materials — including toners and certain solvents and metals — Xerox has established exposure limits that are more stringent than the TLV or existing regulations and standards.

Using the Xerox Exposure Assessment process, industrial hygienist and safety professionals monitor, assess and report workplace exposures. Effective process design, engineering controls, safe job procedures and personal protective equipment are utilized to control exposures and protect employee health. Medical surveillance programs are in place to monitor the health of employees working in operations with specific jobs and hazards (e.g., high noise, organic solvents). Results of those medical exams are reviewed by healthcare professionals to ensure employee wellness.

Of the workplace exposures monitored in 2017, all were within regulatory limits. When necessary, inhalation exposures were controlled through the proper use of respiratory protection equipment where additional engineering controls were not feasible.


Because musculoskeletal disorders represent a significant portion of our work-related injuries, we work to minimize the risk factors as a job is designed. We study exposure to ergonomic hazards and raise awareness with employees, so they can make improvements to their workstations.

From manufacturing operations to office work, we continue to study the causes and potential remedies for workplace injuries. The following provides some brief highlights:

  • Manufacturing Operations - Each operating unit is required to complete an “Action Limit Checklist” for all jobs. The checklist helps to identify areas of ergonomic risk as well as being a method to prioritize necessary changes/modifications. In addition, all employees are required to have basic ergonomic training that includes identifying risk factors, injuries most commonly related to poor set-up, and simple strategies for improvement.
  • Machine Service - Xerox Customer Service Engineers’ (CSEs) exposure to ergonomic hazards has been studied. The findings have helped us select tools and develop procedures to mitigate risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Throughout the equipment design process, evaluations are done to assess risks for our CSEs. The best time to make a modification is when a product is still in the design or early test phases.
  • Office Ergonomics - Our largest employee population is office-based. Raising awareness and helping employees make effective workstation changes is critical to minimizing risk for this population. We created computer-based training on ergonomics principles and practices. This method of delivery enables employees to go through needed training programs at a time that minimizes business interruptions.

Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor vehicle safety is a key component of our safety initiatives. We have a company car program that specifies motor vehicle safety requirements for our drivers, and accident prevention and reporting processes. Employee driving records are reviewed on a regular basis, and we provide remedial motor vehicle safety training to improve awareness and competency. Motor vehicle accidents are tracked by frequency and type, and are reported to the management team.

We also participate on fleet safety benchmark forums to keep up to date on the latest motor vehicle safety practices and technologies, and to share Xerox’s best practices with our peers. The use of cell phones in any company vehicle is restricted.

A comprehensive safety review is conducted on any vehicle model prior to it being accepted as part of the Xerox fleet. We review the safety ratings and crash test results of candidate vehicles, and require safety features such as daytime running lights and safety barriers between the driver’s seat and storage areas.

Employee Rights

At Xerox, we protect the fundamental rights of our employees and respect the laws and customs of the countries where we do business.

We recognize our employees are our greatest asset. We continually strive to provide all our employees with a safe workplace, free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. We have global policies and practices to ensure the highest ethical standards. All our employees are to be treated fairly and equitably regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, language or any other protected status.

Many Xerox employees are represented by labor unions, trade unions or work councils throughout our global operations. Relationships with these groups are based on applicable laws in each country.

  • In Europe, we recognize a variety of work councils and trade unions as established under European labor laws to meet requirements for information and consultation for the protection of employee rights. Union representation ranges from 43 to 100 percent in the following countries: Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Luxembourg.
  • Union representation in Latin American countries includes Argentina, Brazil, and Chile and ranges from 50 to 100 percent.
  • In the U.S. and Canada, we maintain a cooperative and effective relationship with five unions that represent nearly five percent of employees in eight locations: Workers United, the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Communications Workers of America (CWA), the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) through a Cooperative Agreement with Workers United.

Operational Changes to Collective Agreements

In the U.S., the notification periods required for operational changes are specified in collective bargaining agreements and vary depending on the location and type of change. As a default, each agreement contains a “duration clause,” which provides that if either party desires to make changes to the agreement before its termination, written notice must be given 60 days prior to the expiration date.

Grievance Processes

Each collective bargaining agreement in the U.S. includes a provision allowing for unions to file grievances. The number of steps in the grievance process, however, depends on each collective bargaining agreement, with the final step being binding arbitration.

Total Rewards (Compensation and Benefits)

At Xerox, our success depends on attracting and sustaining a healthy and productive global workforce. Globally, we provide our people with a comprehensive Total Rewards package which includes a variety of compensation and benefit offerings.

We believe our programs should achieve the following objectives:

  • Drive shareholder value: support our business strategy and culture;
  • Align with performance: align our people’s interests with our shareholders thus incenting the right behaviors;
  • Support our talent strategy: attract, retain and motivate a productive workforce

We benchmark our programs to understand our competitiveness against the market and our peers. As a result, annually, we review and make changes to our compensation and benefits programs to achieve these objectives.

As with most global companies, compensation and benefits vary by location according to local regulations, market conditions or practices, and business objectives. Our compensation offerings may include the following, depending on eligibility: base pay, short-term incentive pay and long-term incentive pay. Our benefit offerings may consist of the following: health insurance and services, life and accident insurance, holiday and leave programs and retirement programs.

Performance, both at the individual and company level, matters. We have an integrated Performance Management and Compensation strategy and process, that drives our desired cultural behaviors, business results and high performance. This key company process that touches nearly every one of our people globally, enabling them to achieve their stated objectives and earn appropriate rewards. Ultimately, we believe that when the “company performs well then we all benefit” – in the form of development opportunities as well as greater compensation.

For more information, please see https://www.xerox.com/en-us/jobs/employee-benefits

Employee Engagement

Xerox is committed to fostering open communication between employees and management — from one-on-one conversations to company-wide engagement activities. Engagement requires open, two-way communication, clearly articulated goals and unambiguous expectations. It demands shared values and well-understood reward systems. Engagement is an ongoing journey, not a final destination.

Open dialogue has always been a priority, and for the past 48 years Xerox has been at the forefront of actively surveying our employees. Leveraging employee feedback — from the Employee Engagement Surveys, the Voice of the Employee Surveys or the more recent 2017 Culture Survey — strengthens the communication channel between the company and employees, ensures a better experience with our clients and customers, and helps create an effective and motivating work environment where we all can thrive.

Our employee engagement goal is to tap into the knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm of our people — at all levels — who care so deeply about this great company. Together, we are rallying the organization around the right plan for our future, with clear direction, straight talk, and the required tools to get the job done for our customers.

Xerox recognised by U.S Veterans Magazine as a “TOP VETERAN-FRIENDLY COMPANY”