Xerox Philanthropy

Xerox Philanthropy

We invest in the communities where we live and work for reasons beyond fulfilling our obligation as a corporate citizen. We do it because it makes our company stronger and more competitive.

Our philanthropic investment strategy delivers the greatest impact possible for every dollar spent. In 2017, we invested more than $4 million in the non-profit sector. In addition to financial support we provided more than 91,000 hours of volunteer time. Many non-profit organizations, colleges and universities received direct financial support in the form of strategic investments, matching gifts or community involvement activities of Xerox people.

At its core, Xerox philanthropy efforts focuses on four strategic areas:

  • Science and technology: Xerox invests in scientific research and partnerships to serve the long-term strategic interests of the company.
  • Strong vibrant communities: Xerox supports communities where our people and customers live and work, strengthening ties with our stakeholders and embedding Xerox into the fabric of communities around the world. We enable our people to give back to the causes they believe in, and the support we provide enhances our corporate reputation and drives the company’s success.
  • Education and workforce preparedness: Xerox reveres the role of education in society—colleges, universities, STEM education programs and workforce development programs that prepare the next generation of leaders, inventors and scientists.
  • Disaster relief: aiding our employees and their neighbors in crises during natural disasters.

A New Xerox

2017 was a year of transformation, reflection, and a complete reset of philanthropy at Xerox. Our business had undergone significant change within the last several decades and it made sense for our philanthropy strategy to reflect the Xerox of today, and, more importantly, the Xerox of tomorrow.

The Xerox philanthropy team benchmarked best practices and looked to global reporting standards to reform our approach to giving back. As a result, we invested in fewer organizations and programs to create more meaningful results. No longer are we providing unsolicited grants; we streamlined our list of non-profits to demonstrate a solid return on investment and we further invested in employee-driven programs that provide direct linkage to our people and their passions.


At the heart of our approach to citizenship is our governance structure. In 2017, our Global Philanthropy Policy was created to formalize our approach for giving back to communities around the world. Along with reinforcing our core focus areas, it put in place a reporting structure to better capture and report global philanthropy activities.

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Employee Volunteerism

At Xerox, we believe a combination of financial and human resources can bring about greater change than either on its own. This philosophy is perhaps best represented by the Xerox Community Involvement Program (XCIP). This long-running, grassroots initiative backs the voluntary spirit of our employees with funding support from Xerox. In this way, we’re making the biggest difference in the communities where we live and work. Since the program began in 1974, thousands of Xerox people have rolled up their sleeves and participated in projects that make their hometown a better place. In 2017, Xerox invested $778,375 in XCIP, enabling more than 344 projects.

Outside of the Xerox Community Involvement Program, many Xerox people give their time and talent to a wide variety of causes. Here are a few examples:

  • Xerox researchers and scientists participate in the Xerox Science Consultant Program, which sends our people into elementary schools to teach science and ignite interest in science as a career.
  • Xerox engineers mentored FIRST Lego, Tech Challenge and Robotics Teams, teaching valuable technical and life skills to middle and high school students.
  • Xerox lawyers provide pro bono work to a wide range of non-profit organizations.
  • During Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Xerox people mobilized efforts in their communities to help their fellow colleagues and customers. They distributed food and water to employees in need; Xerox purchased nine generators and shipped them to Puerto Rico for shared use among employees and we distributed a frequent cadence of weather, safety and travel advisories.
  • Xerox Canada’s Day of Sharing (DOS) is exclusively a volunteer opportunity for employees to give back to their communities. Employees are encouraged to find opportunities matching their interests and dedicate the time to volunteer during business hours. From serving meals to those less fortunate to mentoring the next generation of leaders, our Canadian employees are passionate about giving back to the communities in which we live and work. In total, Xerox Canada invested $178,975 in their communities in 2017.
  • The Xerox (U.K.) Trust invested £32,440, or USD $42,653.34 in charitable U.K. organizations undertaking projects with the help and at the request of Xerox people. The RoseHill Youth Center, ABC to Read and African Brazilian Arts & Culture Executive Institute were a few of the organizations supported. The U.K. trust is a registered charity, number 284698. For more information, please visit
  • The Xerox team in Dublin has a special connection with Special Olympics Ireland, giving more than 600 hours of employee time, dedicating our premises for use by the games and attendees, as well as proudly providing the official program.
  • In direct response to a series of deadly wildfires in central Portugal, Moinhos do Dão, Xerox people mobilized and partnered with local fire prevention efforts. While the area didn’t suffer damage, it was a very close call. Our people planted native, broad leaf trees creating a natural preventative border.
  • People across Xerox — from the C-suite to the factory floor — volunteer to help make our world a better place, whether by giving their time to a corporate board or by rolling up their sleeves and packing boxes for a holiday food and gift drive.

Education and the Workforce of our Future

Our commitment to education is a key enabler to nurture the next generation of innovators and global leaders. We create opportunities for young people to pursue college degrees and, ultimately, careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics ─ the STEM principles.

K─12 Education

One way for our business and our communities to thrive is to provide a means to better the lives of young people. Since the early ‘60s, Xerox and our grassroots education programs have helped to inspire young men and women to take an interest in the STEM principles and create a career path to success, one that eliminates poverty.

One place we’re succeeding in this endeavor is Rochester, N.Y., our hometown and where Xerox began. The Rochester City School District suffers one of the state’s and country’s lowest graduation rates and highest poverty levels. To combat this one-two punch dealt to the children of Rochester, Xerox has created a continuum of critical programming that has proven to change lives.

  • The Xerox Science Consultant Program began almost 50 years ago in 1968. It was an effort of our founder, Joe Wilson, and became a direct result of race riots in Rochester. Xerox men and women visit elementary school classrooms to teach hands-on science lessons — the cool stuff — to children whom may never have had the exposure to the material, and most importantly, a role model that looks like them.
  • In 1992 Xerox was a founding partner of FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. Xerox and our people are the driving force behind more than 100 teams in the U.S. and Canada. FIRST is yet another, hands-on approach to learning valuable and technical skills all with real world pressures and deadlines. Students build robots to compete and address challenges out of a box of LEGOS® and parts. As many students have said, “it’s the hardest fun you’ll ever have”.

Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program

At the same time, we realize that a four-year degree may not be the right choice for every young person, but opportunity certainly is. For the last 15 years, the Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program was designed to provide students and adult learners the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to help drive success in the industry of digital production printing and workflow. Delivered through partnerships with high schools, vocational schools, correctional facilities and community-based programs, this is a program designed and developed by industry for industry and nationally accredited. Here’s what it’s like to participate.

As part of a larger effort to support education in the U.S., Xerox provides matching gifts to colleges and universities. In 2017, 291 institutions received 738 matching gifts from Xerox. The top five beneficiaries were:

Investing in Education

Science and Technology

At Xerox, innovation is our foundation for success. Academic organizations play an important role in the long-term strategic interests of the company by furthering scientific research and training the next generation of scientists.

A prime example of this kind of investment is our partnership with The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and the Advanced Manufacturing Print Center.

  • In 2015, Xerox and RIT partnered to create The Advanced Manufacturing Print Center, a 2000 square foot state-of-the-art research facility. For more than a decade, Xerox has been in the additive manufacturing (3D printing) market as a developer and supplier of the inkjet print heads used by leading 3D printing companies. We have also used 3D printers to transform some of our own manufacturing processes.
  • The partnership affords Xerox direct access to a world-class facility and the potential for our technology group to collaborate with leading researchers in this space, all of which may enhance and propel future programs. We also take part in working with and developing talent which may benefit us in the future.

Disaster Relief

Xerox champions a variety of organizations that address natural disasters around the world. We invest in the American Red Cross for its efforts to respond quickly and effectively to U.S.-based natural disasters. In 2017, Xerox partnered with The American Red Cross in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

  • We leveraged Save the Children’s expertise and humanitarian efforts for Hurricane Maria and the earthquake in Mexico.
  • We also invest in Save the Children and Concern Worldwide, which bolsters our ability to address urgent humanitarian needs across the world.
Xerox recognised by U.S Veterans Magazine as a “TOP VETERAN-FRIENDLY COMPANY”