It's never too late
to translate.

Easy, printer-powered document translation

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The world's more open and connected
and multicultural than it's ever been.

That's great.

Because it means businesses have a broader
talent pool to pick from.

And a wider customer
base to serve.

The thing is, there's still one last barrier to overcome.

One final frontier of global
business friction.


Until we find smarter ways to translate, all this
openness and diversity will continue to be more pain than pleasure.

Teachers won't be able to talk to parents
who speak a different language.

Sales people won't be able
to reach new prospects.

Businesses won't be
able to tell their stories.

Either we all agree to learn
every language under the sun.

Or we find smarter ways to translate.

smarter ways like the Xerox Easy Translator Service app
for ConnectKey® MFPs.

All you need to do is
scan your document

pick the language
you need

and hit print

It's that simple.

And that big.

Because it means you're only ever

three little steps

away from talking to literally anyone.

So teachers can send notices
that every parent understands

Salespeople can be as
compelling as they usually
are, in every language.

And global businesses can have
diverse workforces that don't
hesitate to talk to each other.

It's never too late to traduire.

And it's never too soon to change the way your
people communicate.

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