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Driving efficiencies in banking and insurance to enhance the customer experience.

Meet the rapidly evolving changes and challenges in the banking and insurance markets head-on by delivering automation, simplification and real-time processing. Strategic digital transformation makes it possible to experience the best of both worlds — secure, seamless workflows and services that deliver better experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Transformation can be disruptive, and it can be difficult to know when or how to get started. That’s where we come in. From speeding up onboarding and claims processing to maintaining compliance and adding more value to customer communications, we can help you get ahead, stay ahead and disrupt your market, not your organization.

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    Accounts Payable

    Accounts payable departments are drowning in paper. Let’s fix that.

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    Capture and Content

    The world is speeding up. Shouldn’t the way we work do the same?

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    Hallinnoidut tulostuspalvelut

    Gain visibility and control of document processes and costs. You'll save money, automate steps and boost productivity.

Overcome Business Challenges

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Driving Revenue

Realise the power of positive customer experiences and how they can drive repeat revenue. 

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Improving Efficiency

See how automation can speed up processing, increase accuracy and free up employees to get more done.

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Strengthening Security

Protecting customer and business data is essential to establishing trust. See how to keep sensitive information secure.

More Xerox® Services

for your business

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Take Back Your Inbox

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User Analytics Service

Understanding how people use documents and devices can help reduce costs, improve security and modify behaviour.