Beyond Flatland Direct-to-Object Printing

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You're a commercial printer.

You put ink on stuff for profit.

Those things you print
usually land on paper.

Or maybe some other flat substrate.

But the world isn't flat, is it?

It has bumps and curves and holes
and handles and dimples…

Until now, there haven't
been many ways to print
on the world's bumpy, curvy,
funny-shaped things.

One way? Labels

(not elegant or efficient,
but got the job done, right?)

It's time to take your business beyond Flatland.

By printing directly on to objects.

No: really.

You can print on just about anything.

You get the idea.

Direct-to-Object Printing is here.

And it's going to blow your customers' minds.

It's quick. It's easy. It's personalized.

It's small enough for tight print shops
and retail spaces.

And – best of all – it's here.

Ready to leave Flatland?

Explore Direct-to-Object Printing by Xerox.

An exciting new opportunity for your business.

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