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MFP Workflow App Customisation Service

Powerful and connected.

Xerox® ConnectKey® technology delivers exceptional convenience, productivity, security and cost control. Now you can harness that power to create customisable printer applications to match the demands of your organisation.

Creativity, meet productivity.

Our MFP Workflow App Customisation Service extends ConnectKey’s capabilities by creating highly targeted workflows that aren’t available through off-the-shelf software.

We can work with you to design exactly the process workflows you need on your ConnectKey devices. Here are a few example printer applications:

  • Hospitality: Enable hotel guests to print hotel folios, and boarding passes for their flights.

  • Financial Services: Send images of forms and accompanying metadata to line-of-business systems in a single scan.  

  • Healthcare: Instantly access and print new patient forms, instructions, post-acute care guides and hospital care surveys.

  • Human Resources: Allow secured printing from protected network file shares and repositories.

  • Expense Reports: Support submission of completed expense reports with requisite forms and accompanying receipts.

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