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XMPie® Personalized Communications

The leading technology for engaging your audiences with personalised, relevant communications across print and digital media touchpoints.
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Personalised Communications Product Lines

  • Data-Driven Print and Variable Data Printing — Power your communications with variable data. Win with advanced flexible design-to-production workflows.
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  • Cross Media Marketing Software — Extend your reach far beyond print.
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  • Web-to-Print Solutions — Launch an online web-to-print ordering solution for your print shop or enterprise.
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  • Multichannel Marketing Campaign Management — Plan, visualize and deliver superior multichannel campaigns
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XMPie software for the retail industry

Key Applications

  • High-value personalised marketing campaigns, spanning every channel — print, Web, e-mail, mobile, video and other new media
  • Online web-to-print stores and marketing portals
  • Campaign management, tracking and reporting


Making Dorset Buzz Again: Bees and Technology

XMPie® allowed the Dorset Wildlife Trust to send relevant communications based on demographic data and user behavior. And messages were made to fit the unique needs of social media, email, and printed materials.

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