Xerox Card Solutions and DocuMagnet

Product Assortment

The DocuGlossCard has identical document construction to the DocuCard. The DocuGlossCard has a plastic laminate on its back, providing rigidity and durability to withstand repeated handling. The gloss finish of the card makes the printed images stand out, providing an ideal solution where photo-reproduction and visual appeal are critical. This DocuGlossCard is designed to work on either Xerox monochrome or DocuColor machines and WindoWell is not an option.

The DocuGlossCard is suited to lighter usage applications.

DocuGlossCard blank stock is ideal for Xerox Digital Colour printers.

DocuGlossCard - Specifications

Sheet Specifications
  • A4: 210mm x 297mm
  • 120gsm
  • Uncoated Size : 86mm x 54mm Standard
Card Specifications
  • Size: 86mm x 54mm
  • Material: Front coated; Back – 25 micron laminate
  • Preprint wet offset lithography available
  • Maximum 6 colours / side (CYMB & 2 spot colours)
  • 4 colour process & full bleeds

DocuGlossCard - Formats

DocuGlossCard is available in the following formats:
DocuGlossCard Format