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aycan xray-print

Printing radiology (DICOM) images on plain paper to reduce cost


aycan's xray-print solution lets you print radiological and other medical images on plain paper (vs. film) at near diagnostic quality to reduce medical hardcopy cost by 90%. The solution fits seamlessly into both traditional and PACS workflows.

Key Features

  • Connect DICOM modalities (MRI, CT, US etc.) to a certified Xerox printer: DICOM 3.0 basic Grayscale/Color print Service Class Provider (SCP)
  • Connect PACS workstations to a certified Xerox printer
  • Near diagnostic quality paper print in black & white and colour
  • LookUp Tables for modality-individual quality settings: DICOM 3.0 presentation LUT SCP
  • Remote administration
  • FDA classification: Image communication device (class 1 Exempt, Sec. 892.2020)

Your Challenges

Hospitals (radiology departments) and imaging centers are making the transition to digital with the goal to be filmless and therefore reduce cost. But referring physicians are still asking for hardcopy images together with the report (diagnosis).

Key Challenges

  • Cost pressure that hospitals and imaging centers are under
  • Hard copies are still required despite digital technology and its work processes
  • Filmless hospitals are an illusion like a paperless office
  • High cost to transport film to referring physicians via couriers
  • High labor cost to track, file, and transport film

How Xerox Can Help

aycan's xray-print solution teamed with a high resolution Xerox workgroup printer lets you print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality. It fits seamlessly into both traditional and PACS workflows to provide a cost-effective solution for sharing images with referral physicians.

  • 90% cost reduction off current hard copy medical imaging cost to referring physicians and patients
  • ROI in 3-6 months depending on print volume
  • Low transportation cost because paper images can be sent through regular mail instead of using expensive couriers
  • No expensive film jackets because paper can be folded to standard sizes
  • Reduced labor cost associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film
  • Near diagnostic quality - industry benchmark quality
  • Environmentally safe because paper eliminates chemical-based film equipment and associated environmental compliance activities
  • Easy to file and store paper with other patient records
  • Operated like a film camera - the same workflow is used when paper printing vs. a film laser camera so there is no time-intensive special training
  • Independence of light boxes - paper images can be shared "anywhere" for meaningful discussion
  • Annotate and mark paper to clarify diagnostic results and descriptions
  • Print images in colour, including 3-D, US and NM
  • No light sensitivity - unlike film, paper prints are not degradable by direct sunlight
  • Remote administration

Why Choose Xerox?

  • High image quality printers, which is important for the "image quality sensitive" radiology market (grayscales)
  • Reliable printers, which results in maximum uptime is critical to the medical industry
  • Excellent service, quick response time and fast problem resolution