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Nurse using a tablet

Create electronic documents

How a hospital developed an EMR system to improve patient care

Illustration of a hospital with stacks of paper in front of it


When patients arrived with hard-copy documents, this mid-size hospital needed a way to transform all that paper to digital format, and make the move to an electronic medical records (EMR) system.

Doctor with tablet, overlaid with a scanning icon


The hospital now scans all patient documents at a Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP to digitise them, then stores those electronic documents in a central cloud-based repository. EMRs are accessed easily and immediately, and updated with new information, keeping all patient electronic records current and confidential.

In Action

Hand holding ID card over MFP user interface

1. Information at the ready

After swiping her security ID badge at the ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP to comply with security and privacy requirements, Nurse Karen browses through her patient’s ID folder.

Nurse wearing ID badge

2. Easily updatable

Karen taps “Health Records” on the touchscreen and scans the patient’s new medical information into his electronic records.

EMRs are accessed easily and immediately, and updated with new information, keeping all patient electronic records current and confidential.

Nurse in an office with lots of files on shelves, using a computer

3. Adaptable for changing needs

When the patient asks for a printout of his updated record, Karen prints it out for him.

Doctor with patient, looking up records on a smartphone

4. Business-wide availability

And when the physician considers whether to modify the patient’s prescription, she can simply pull up and view the patient’s updated charts.

VersaLink C405 user interface

Xerox® VersaLink® C405 Colour Multifunction Printer

Work the way you want, from any device, with multilevel security and connectivity to and from both the cloud and network-based locations.

ConnectKey Technology in Action

Man in a business suit using a tablet, with a suitcase behind him. Overlaid with an icon of a printer, smartphone and cloud.

Print from the cloud

See how Robert downloads, scans, prints, shares, and translates docs from his mobile device to the MFP.

Co-workers writing on a white board

Streamline Workflow

Spend less time managing documents using a ConnectKey-enabled MFP and document-management software.

Finger typing on the ConnectKey user interface, overlaid with an icon indicating a touchscreen

Use apps for tasks

See how a bank replaces time-intensive manual tasks with custom apps that speed processes.

ConnectKey Technology

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Icon representing a cycle of printer, smartphone, cloud
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