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Xerox® DocuShare® Go Content Management Platform — smart cloud file sharing built for your business.

Content management the smarter way.

Whether you work with paper documents, digital files or both, content is essential for your business to operate successfully.

Nowadays, receiving and moving information has become a simple everyday task. However, extracting and using the information contained within is extremely cumbersome and error-prone, anything but simple!

Regardless of format or the amount of information required from it, you need a content management platform that automates how you organise, share, collaborate and back up your business-critical content. That’s why we developed the Xerox® DocuShare® Go Content Management Platform.

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Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, data extraction becomes automated. Everything captured — from logos to invoice numbers, even handwritten text — can be analysed, recognised and tagged automatically. Once tagged, the information can be organised for you and others to find more easily.

Efficiently Simple

Efficiently Simple

DocuShare Go takes all the hassle out of content management. Automation drives efficiencies, making information easy to find and share with others. Document collaboration and version control becomes real-time and automatic, ending the cycle of downloading, saving, emailing and uploading.

Simple workflows are easy to set up and use, automating everyday business tasks like approval requests.

Accessible Anywhere

Accessible Anywhere

Now, with the cloud-based hosting of DocuShare Go, office and remote workers alike can stay connected to relevant content from any location. DocuShare Go is a collaboration platform that also allows you to share with people outside your organisation, including customers and vendors.

Reassuringly Secure

Reassuringly Secure

As important as storing or circulating content is, it’s equally important to keep every name, number and signature protected. Industry benchmark secure hosting practices and end-to-end encryption ensures your intellectual property and all your data stay safe. Only those with permission can access and see what is shared with them, helping to keep your business in compliance with government legislation.


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Ready to Go

  • Create an account and you’re up and running in minutes, not days.

  • No need to download software or maintain any hardware, cloud hosting also ensures you get 24/7 uptime.

Go and Automate

  • AI technology recognises captured content, tags it, then stores it without the need for manual input or intervention.

  •  ML technology constantly updates its database, ensuring that new data is remembered to speed up processing in the next instance.

  •  Document versioning autosaves during collaboration to ensure all edits are captured and seen by others instantly.

  • Approval workflows automate notification requests to validate documents, then route to defined folders based on acceptance or rejection decisions.

Collaborate on the Go

  • Connect with confidence. Secure cloud hosting and end-to-end encryption keeps all your communications and shared information secure.

  • Get instant access from any location. Using the latest progressive web app technology, users enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the device type they choose.

  • Stay on track. Notify users that an action or task is pending.

  • Automatically classify documentation, and add or customize additional metadata fields, including metadata types, allowing for flexible search terms.

  • Collaborate on documents, even simultaneously — no more copying and pasting from one version to another.

Go in Control

  • Complete visibility. Never miss a process step, document upload, download or change via the usage dashboard and auditing capability.

  • Invite colleagues and customers to view files or folders. Role-based access is simple to set — you decide who sees what and who manages content.

  • A platform as flexible as your content. Store and manage structured documents, written notes, videos, invoices, forms and more.

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What’s New?

Simple Approval Workflows

Simple Approval Workflows

  • Create automated approval tasks in four simple steps.

  • Route documents to predefined folders based on approval or rejection responses.

  • Approvers can also add supporting comments.

Document Types

Document Types

  • The ability to add new or customize pre-set document types tailor the platform to meet the individual business need.

  • Document Type Fields allow for additional meta data, supporting more flexible document search criteria’s.

Document Retention Policies

Document Retention Policies

  • Set expiry dates to help manage document lifecycle and support data compliance initiatives.

Audit Reports

Audit Reports

  • Downloadable audit reports include who views, edits, downloads, shares and moves files, as well as what date and time it happened.

Experience Xerox® DocuShare® Go free for 30 days.

Curious how automated intelligence can power a more connected team? Give it a try.

Our free trial gives your team the chance to put it through its paces for 30 days. No risk. No worries.

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