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Touchscreen interface of a Xerox MFP with ConnectKey Technology

ConnectKey® Apps

The industry’s most flexible productivity functions and apps

Your business needs change over time. That’s why ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps — including those from third-party developers — that lets you add, delete, or swap tools in your own custom app gallery

Easily connect mobile workers to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices. Use the Xerox® App Gallery to download new apps — scan and convert paper into the format you need with CapturePoint; translate documents via MFP, PC, or smart device with Easy Translator; share patient information securely with the healthcare app. ConnectKey Technology helps to streamline how your business deals with critical information — in-house or in the cloud.



As mobile as workforces are today, mobile print needs to be convenient, simple and secure. Our mobile printer apps provide a simple, hassle-free experience – and enable print when, where, and how you need it.

PrintByXerox app icon

@PrintByXerox: Submit an email with any attachments that you wish to print. Use your password at a Xerox device running the @PrintByXerox app to release your job(s). Learn more about @PrintbyXerox



Apps for K12 and higher education needs. From connecting to Learning Management Systems, to helping automate grading and even taking the strain out of checking for plagiarism, our apps can help you simplify manual workflows as well as improve communication between students and staff.

Connect for Blackboard icon

Connect for Blackboard: Teachers and students can accelerate collaboration and simplify the process for uploading and storing documents into Blackboard Learn for their classes. Use this app to scan hardcopy course materials such as assignments and handouts into course folders right at the device. Learn more about Connect for Blackboard

Connect for Moodle app icon

Connect for Moodle: Easily digitise hard-copy documents, authenticate at the printer, and browse your Moodle account. Learn more about Connect for Moodle



Protect sensitive data with our simple yet powerful workflow apps. There’s no need for manual searching and redaction, which is time consuming and prone to mistakes.

Xerox Auto-Redaction App icon

Xerox® Auto-Redaction App: Remove sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) from an entire document in seconds. Learn more about Xerox Auto-Redaction App

Connect for iManage app icon

Connect App for iManage: Scan and print directly to and from your iManage account. Learn more about Connect App for iManage

Connect for Clio app icon

Connect App for Clio: Easily scan and print directly to and from your Clio account.

Connect App for DocuSign icon

Connect App for DocuSign: Easily scan to and print from your DocuSign account without the extra step of using a computer or mobile device. Learn more about Connect App for DocuSign

Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors

Our cloud connector apps make it safe and easy to create highly efficient workflows by connecting your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices to your cloud storage app of choice. Scan directly to a cloud folder for easy sharing and collaboration, or print document stored in the cloud with just a few touches directly at the MFP.

XMPie icon

Connect App for XMPie: The Xerox® Connect App for XMPie® adds a personal touch, with just a touch. Delivering value that leaves a lasting impression has never been easier or faster. Have fun creating beautiful, custom designs that your customers and prospects will love. Learn more about Connect for XMPie

Connect App for Exchange Online icon

Connect App for Exchange Online: Securely scan and send documents to anyone in your personal and global contact list. Learn more about Connect for Exchange Online

Cloud icon in blue

Connect for Box®: Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Box account. As more organisations and workers are leveraging the convenience of cloud storage services, this app makes it easier to digitise documents, collaborate and work on the go. See Connect for Box® app in gallery

Connect for Dropbox icon

Connect for Dropbox: Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Dropbox account. See Connect for Dropbox app in gallery

Cloud icon in green

Connect for Google Drive: Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Google Drive account. This app makes it easier to digitise documents, collaborate and work on the go. See Connect for Google Drive app in gallery

Cloud icon in blue

Connect for Microsoft® OneDrive: Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® OneDrive account. See Connect for Microsoft OneDrive app in gallery

Cloud icon in orange

Connect for Microsoft® 365: Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® 365 account. See Connect for Microsoft 365 app in gallery



Businesses thrive on processes to deliver defined outcomes, but many are not running optimally, many are indeed untamed. Our apps are designed to simplify and automate everyday office activities and improve productivity from expenses to forms management to automating approval processes. Taming the office processes, one app at a time.

Xerox Capture and Content app icon

Xerox® Capture and Content App: With this app on your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP), you just walk up, scan your documents and connect to Xerox® Capture and Content Services integrating into centrally managed workflows. Learn more about Xerox® Capture and Content App

Scan to print icon

Xerox® Scan with Print App: The Scan with Print App combines multifunction printing tasks into a single scan so you to do more in less time. Scan to one or multiple locations and simultaneously receive a print on Xerox® AltaLink® and Xerox® VersaLink® devices with scanners. Learn more about Xerox® Scan with Print App

Xerox ID Checker app icon

Xerox® ID Checker App: The ID Checker App helps you reduce the risk of revenue loss associated with manual ID checking. ID verification is as easy as collect, scan and receive notification. Learn more about Xerox® ID Checker App

Connect for Concur icon

Connect for Concur: Eliminate hassles and inefficiencies in the expense reporting process with a few simple steps right at the MFP. This app allows you to scan multiple receipts at once, and then preview the scan before submitting into the Concur expense system. Learn more about Connect for Concur

Connect for SignNow app icon

Connect for SignNow: Save time by sending, saving and even signing documents using nothing more than the Connect App for SignNow and your printer’s user interface. Learn more about Connect for SignNow

Scanning App for DocuShare icon

Scanning App for DocuShare: Easily scan documents from multifunction printers to your personal collection on your DocuShare site. See Scanning App for DocuShare in gallery

Connect App for DocuSign icon

Connect App for DocuSign: Easily scan to and print from your DocuSign account without the extra step of using a computer or mobile device. Learn more about Connect App for DocuSign

Connect for Sage Accounting app icon

Connect App for Sage Accounting: Optimise how you work with invoices and get paid faster with Xerox Connect for Sage Accounting. Learn more about Connect for Sage Accounting



Communicating effectively is key, whether displaying information at the device, communicating from it or even communicating with it. Our workflow applications can help turn the MFP into a powerful communication hub for all, accessible by all.

Xerox Translate and Print app icon

Xerox® Translate and Print App: This app utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide instant, draft machine translations or convenient access to professional translators via your Xerox® multifunction printer (MFP), PC, or smartphone. Learn more about Xerox Translate and Print App

Scan to Cloud app icon

Scan to Cloud Email: A great no-cost option for providing scan to email services for visiting customers (guests) or out-of-town employees. This free app provides users with a simple and secure alternative to MFP email capabilities. See Scan to Cloud Email app in gallery

Connect for RMail icon

Connect for RMail®With just a tap, the Xerox® Connect for RMail® allows you to encrypt emails and attachments right at your MFP. Learn more about Connect for RMail®



Go digital with your documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste. Use your multifunction printer to convert paper documents into digital formats and resources allowing for easy emailing, storage, editing retrieval, translating and even listening.

Xerox Summarizer app icon

Xerox® Summariser App: The Xerox Summariser App uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a summary of documents for viewing, printing or sharing right on your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device. Learn more about Xerox Summariser App

Xerox Note Converter app icon

Xerox® Note Converter App: Save time converting your notes to digital files. Using Google AI technology, this app lets you turn handwritten notes into legible, editable and shareable digital files in no time. Learn more about Xerox® Note Converter App

Capture Point icon

Capture Point: Securely scan and automatically convert paper documents to digital and editable formats such as Word® and Excel®. You can then transfer the files to email or cloud storage repositories. See Capture Point app in gallery



Faxing is still an important function in many offices and often legally required, but how to update legacy systems can be confusing. Along with our partners, we can help integrate digital fax apps into your existing environment for a more consistent user experience, better faxing security, reducing cost while meeting all legal requirements.

XM Fax logo

XM Fax: Remove costly analogue phone lines and fax your documents digitally and securely through the Cloud service or On-premise server. Contact your Xerox representative or authorised reseller for more information.


"Digitise Your Documents"

Instantly transform printed documents into digital formats that you can easily edit in Word® or Excel®, store, retrieve, share, translate and even convert to audio files. These simple apps require no servers and no separate software solutions.


"Work From The Cloud"

Using simple cloud connectors, you can easily scan to and print via your current hosted cloud storage solution, directly from your multifunction printer. You can also securely route critical documents to anyone on your network who needs them.

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"Link Your Apps To Ours"

Already using key business applications to create and track expense reports, sales contracts and forms? You can use our simple connector apps to link and route those documents directly to their destinations for efficient processing.

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Not finding what you need? We can build it.

See It In Action

  • Man using a Xerox MFP, overlaid with "Before: 40 hours per month" and "After: 10 hours per month"

    Save time by automating the invoice process

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    Make file storage easy and secure

  • Person using the Sign Me app on a Xerox ConnectKey user interface

    Sign and send documents in one step

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