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Xerox® Accounts Payable Services: Securely Accelerate and Automate Invoice Processing and Payments

Accounts payable departments are drowning in paper and emails. The daily flood of invoices, compounded with manual data entry, makes it easy for mistakes to be made. Businesses encounter issues with lost documents, duplicate payments, compliance gaps, late payment penalties, and the constant threat of fraud.

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Manage invoices better with Accounts Payable Automation Service

Xerox® Accounts Payable Services is a package of capabilities tailor-made to suit companies of any size. Our service is much more than an invoice scanning solution. Leveraging Intelligent Document Processing capabilities, we streamline workflows and integrate paper and digital documents to provide a unique accounts payable process.

  • Capture, digitise, and extract data from digital and paper invoices with computer vision and optical character recognition

  • Automate processing and digital storage of all incoming documents regardless of location or origin (paper, email, e-invoices and EDI)

  • Provide authorized users with easy, secure, and around-the-clock access to a digital repository and workflow functions

  • Strengthen regulatory compliance with a complete, easily monitored audit trail

  • Support and maintain supplier self-service and a digital-first process with e-invoicing avoiding any disruption

Here are some of the results we've helped our clients achieve:

  • 30% cost reduction with automated data and invoice data capture

  • 40% processing time reduction with touchless purchase orders and total match

  • Shortened processing time from 15 days to one day

  • Moved from 20% suppliers’ adoption of e-invoicing solution to 50%

  • Created 100% paperless accounts payable operations

Take a Big Step in Your Migration to Digital Accounts Payable

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1. Capture paper and email invoice information.

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2. Automate extraction of key data and validate accuracy.

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3. Automate data integration with ERP; e-invoice processing.

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4. Secure digital invoice storage with audit trails.

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5. Access invoice data anytime, anywhere.

Powerful e-invoicing supports supplier self-service

  • 97% next-day processing with 100% reporting accuracy

  • Access to one of the largest e-invoicing open networks

Automated Processing

  • Improve invoice processing time and reduce errors by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks

  • Protect against fraudulent, inaccurate, and duplicate invoices

  • Manage documents across multiple regions with different legal, tax, and information processing requirements

  • Identify and reduce invoice processing costs

  • Strengthen regulatory compliance with a complete, easily monitored audit trail

  • Track documents with a full audit trail for security and compliance

  • Enhance customer service with immediate access to documents

  • Drive processing efficiencies and cost savings with advanced automation to deliver actionable insight from advanced analytics

E-Invoicing and AP Automation

Beyond the manual processing of document invoices, paper or email, we also offer AP automation with e-invoicing.

  • These capabilities allow our global clients to transcend paper and emails and go fully digital with vendor self-service

  • Improve supplier relations and avoid late payment penalties with next-day invoice processing

  • Gain access to one of the largest e-invoicing open networks

Let us put our payable automation solution to work, enhancing your processes, improving efficiency, and delivering a stronger connection with your suppliers.

We are honored to make CFO Tech Outlook’s list of Top 10 Accounts Payable Solutions Providers 2022

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