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Secure and Compliant Legal Workflows So You Can Stay Focused on Your Clients

Legal solutions to create a healthier relationship with technology – from the office to the courthouse, and everywhere in between.

The legal sector is navigating new horizons shaped by digital transformation tools and the increasing flexibility in how and where people work. From the paradigm shift towards hybrid working models to the growing client demand for rapid response times, law firms are embracing newfound flexibility. However, with greater adaptability comes the need for heightened security needs.

In today's dynamic legal landscape, adaptability is key. Start building a digital roadmap where your technology not only supports but propels your success. This is where we step in, ready to be your ally in the digital transformation journey.

Getting benefits from technology?

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How Xerox Supports the Legal Industry

Enterprise Content Management

Digitizing files and improving access

Protect sensitive data and minimize your organization’s risk with user- and group-based access, auditable tracking and reporting and retention.

Enterprise Content Management

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

Apps that help you do more

Protect sensitive data with our simple yet powerful workflow apps. There’s no need for manual searching and redaction, which is time consuming and prone to mistakes.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

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The Future of Legal Robotic Process Automation

Looking ahead, RPA is poised to play an increasingly transformative role in legal technology. Future advancements may include:

  • AI Integration: Combining RPA with AI technologies to predict outcomes, analyze legal precedents, and offer strategic recommendations.

  • Enhanced Client Interaction: RPA could automate and personalize client communications, providing timely updates and case insights.

  • Advanced Analytics: Utilizing RPA in complex data analysis, identifying trends and patterns in legal cases that could influence decision-making.

  • Greater Adaptability: As legal frameworks evolve, RPA systems will become more adaptable, quickly adjusting to new regulations and compliance requirements.

  • Collaborative Platforms: Expect an increase in RPA-enabled platforms that foster collaboration between various legal stakeholders, streamlining complex legal processes.

Our future vision of legal RPA technology emphasizes not just efficiency, but also what we invest in, what we explore with our clients, and dynamic adaptability.

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Workplace productivity with comprehensive security

Hosted on the secure global infrastructure of the Microsoft Azure platform, Workflow Central provides the latest productivity tools for legal document processing – staying productive and keeping your data and documents safe wherever work happens.

Legal Technology Case Studies

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Data Security Solutions & Software

The most security-minded businesses and governments choose Xerox.