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Xerox® Workflow Central Platform

Unstoppable productivity wherever work happens

Work will never be the same again. In fact, it'll be better than ever.

What gets in the way of getting work done? Everyday document challenges that bring you to a standstill.

Important yet lengthy reports that are much longer than your lunch hour. Handwritten notes that are hard to read and not clear enough to share. Files in an unusable format or unreadable language. Private information that you can’t afford to inadvertently share. The list goes on and on.

These day-to-day challenges slow you down, stealing precious time away from your day and preventing you from focusing on what matters most.

Documents should support productivity, not get in the way of it. That’s why Xerox® Workflow Central Platform brings the power to overcome everyday challenges to all of your devices — from any PC, mobile device and Xerox® Multifunction Printer (MFP). Our business process automation tools take the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access from anywhere.

Xerox WorkFlow Central: A Flexible and Seamless Cloud Based Platform YouTube Video

Workflows that work wonders

Location, language, lack of time, file type, device and other common challenges are no longer a barrier to doing your job. With single and combination workflows, Xerox Workflow Central provides the right tools to keep work flowing and reclaim your day. Because who has time for downtime?

Automate those repetitive tasks!

Gain precious time and avoid mundane tasks with Workflow Central’s automation creator. With its simple step-by-step guide, you set conditions to watch for, actions to take, and outputs you want. When done, it runs in the background, allowing you to focus on other things!

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Concerned about information falling into the wrong hands?

Whether it’s a genuine mistake, or malicious act, trying to control information sharing is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Protect can help you regain control of your documents, even after the send!

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Send Fax

Send Fax

Why delay sending a fax?

Power your flexible workers with an outbound cloud fax solution that can be accessed anytime, from any location, with any device. No need for a local convenience store, or a visit to the office – upload to Workflow Central and gain the benefits of a secure cloud fax solution.

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Convert to PDF

Convert to PDF

Spending too much time adding meta data to a digital file? Speed things up, and make the content contained within searchable! Convert any image-only file, to a Searchable and Archival PDF for easy retrieval.

Icon representing Workflow Central Convert to PDF function

Convert to Audio

Convert to Audio

Tired of playing catch-up? Convert documents into an audio file so you can listen wherever, whenever.

Whether you’re a multitasker or simply prefer listening to reading, now you can instantly create audio files from any documents. Just pop in your earbuds and press play on productivity.

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Convert to MS Office

Convert to MS Office

Don’t let the wrong file type slow you down. Convert PDFs, hard copies or image files to editable, digital Microsoft Office formats.

No more time wasted on recreating or retyping a document. Move on with your day by quickly converting it to editable MS formats.

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Handwriting to Text

Handwriting to Text

An easier way to get your notes off the page or whiteboard and into the hands of your coworkers?

Turn them into legible, editable and shareable digital files that are easy to read and act on.

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Too many words and not enough time? Get the main points of a lengthy report, article or white paper with a smaller, summarised version.

Spend less time trying to digest content and more time acting on it. No more information overload, just powerful insights at your fingertips in seconds.

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Now you see it. Now they won’t. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and error-prone process of manual redaction.

Hide confidential or personal identifiable information (PII) with precision and speed using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) that can identify set words or phrases.

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One language in. Another out. Instant translation is at your fingertips.

A faster, easier way to translate and retain the original layout of your documents. The translate workflow uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver instant translations in over 40 different languages.

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More files does not have to mean more problems. Bring them all together by combining up to 5 files into one.

Don’t let different formats slow you down. Easily combine two or more Word, Excel, PowerPoint and existing PDFs into one, or insert one document into another.

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Experience Xerox® Workflow Central free for 30 days / 30 credits.

Try Workflow Central for 30 days / 30 credits. No risk. No worries. Visit our App Gallery and choose the "Try It" button to access your free trial.

Put productivity into overdrive by choosing from a selection of pre-set, multi-step combination workflows.

It’s all about automation, eliminating extra steps and linking the workflows seamlessly. Combination workflows are just as fast and flexible as the way you work, which is at the speed of now, not later. For example, you can:

Icons for merge and audio features in Xerox Workflow Central Platform

Merge + Audio

Consuming multiple pieces of critical content such as reports or proposals is as easy as listening to a podcast.

Icons for translate and summarize features in Xerox Workflow Central Platform

Translate + Summarise

Get to the main points with a short, sweet summary in the language of your choice.

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Interim Files

Download and keep each processed file when using combination workflows.

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Store your preferences

Store your preferences for 1-click workflow efficiency and share with the team for simplicity and consistency.

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Comprehensive security

Hosted on the secure global infrastructure of the Microsoft Azure platform, Workflow Central provides security at every level, safeguarding your data and documents.

Easy as 1-2-3, even on an MFP

Whether it’s on a mobile device, laptop or an MFP, using Workflow Central is intuitive and simple. Regardless of device or location, you can access the tools you need with secure, always-on 24/7 access.

Use Workflow Central directly from Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFPs with the ConnectKey app.

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And for all other MFPs, use Workflow Central in conjunction with the Xerox® Print and Scan Experience App.

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Ready to add more “flex” and “flow” to your workflow? Getting started is easy. See how you can try it out.

See it in action

  • Children sitting at table with teacher working on computers

    Modernising School Communication Case Study

    See how a school district in California modernised communication for schools, staff, students and parents with Xerox Workflow Central and a library of cloud-based, single and multi-step workflows to translate, convert to audio, redact, summarise, and more.

  • Man sitting at desk on laptop.

    Bell Law Case Study

    Discover how a leading employment law firm overcame document processing and sharing hurdles with the innovative solutions provided by Xerox® Workflow Central.

  • Students working at a table

    Training provider innovates the delivery of learning, making content more accessible.

    CRC Formation training staff use Xerox® Workflow Central to offer students new ways to learn.