• Xerox Campaigns on Demand Services

Communicate One-to-One More Effectively

In this customer-centric era, personalised interactions are key. But executing cross-channel campaigns consistently and effectively can be costly and time-consuming. Both of which are limited, right?

With Xerox® Campaigns on Demand Services, you can create digital and printed personalised marketing materials that keep customers coming back. We’ll guide you along the way, and make it easy to establish templates, ensure brand consistency and access campaign tracking for ongoing optimisation. Streamlined, efficient and scalable, it’s designed to spark a conversation with any audience.

See how it works.

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Connect with Individual Customers

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1. Collaborate with our Communications Advisors, align on key objectives.

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2. Concept, design, create, manage campaigns using online storefront.

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3. Enable localisation, translation and production processes.

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4. Execute campaigns, access analytics and optimise in real time.

Scalable, turnkey, targeted campaigns at your fingertips.

  • Pre-configured, templated, cross-channel campaigns that can be built with opportunities for customisation
  • Automation of customer data for target segmentation
  • Scale digital and printed communications globally, regionally and locally
  • Quicker campaign development, planning and time to market
  • Faster, stronger, measurable ROI