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Featured Article Xerox introduces a series of ‘ConnectKey-Enabled’ industry-first Multifunction Printers
ConnectKey is the new operating system and software for Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs). It is designed for one purpose: to simplify the way work gets done. ConnectKey MFPs offer flexibility, simplicity and security – all of which allows businesses to focus more on what matters most: Real Business


June 20, 2014A print factory fuelled by Xerox
June 19, 2014With West going green, Xerox bets big on India’s printing business
June 17, 2014Xerox expects over 50% revenue from India to come from services
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May 16, 2014What CEOs want from new government
May 6, 2014Xerox India's 1st Open Innovation symposium in Bangalore
May 6, 2014Xerox Holds Open Innovation Symposium
May 6, 2014CMOs may soon outpace CIOs in technology spending
Apr 25, 2014Xerox To Showcase Nex-Gen Printing Equipment At Print Expo 2014
Apr 22, 2014Xerox Launches The Wide Format IJP 2000 And Xerox 570 At Print Expo 2014
Apr 21, 2014Xerox Launches Next Generation Digital Printing Equipment
Apr 18, 2014Xerox Introduces Wide-Format Printer For Graphics Market
Apr 15, 2014Xerox To Showcase Next Generation Digital Printing Equipments At Print Expo 2014
Apr 12, 2014Leverage Brand Strengths to Build Relationships
Apr 11, 2014Xerox iGen 150 Press
Mar 19, 2014LegalEra Indo-Asian Business and Law Conclave 2014
Mar 16, 2014Tech Tsarina
Mar 03, 2014Xerox: Moving Beyond a 2 Rupee Copy
Mar 02, 2014India - The Emerging Innovation Hub
Mar 01, 2014Xerox has Responded with New Tools to Print for Less
Feb 03, 2014Sir Speedy Strikes Strategic Partnership with Xerox to Expand Business in India
Feb 06, 2014Xerox Healthcare Research Conducted in India Shows Great Promise
Feb 06, 2014Xerox Develops Remote Health Sensing Technology
Feb 07, 2014Xerox, Manipal to Develop Non-Contact Diagnostics Solutions
Feb 07, 2014Xerox Partners with Manipal University
Feb 10, 2014XRCI, Manipal Varsity Hospital to Build Remote Sensing Healthcare Technology
Feb 18, 2014PrintBindaas unveils B2B solutions for Su-Kam Power
Feb 18, 2014PrintBindaas Deploys B2B e-commerce Platform for Su-Kam
Feb 18, 2014PrintBindaas-Xerox deploys cloud solution for Su-Kam
Feb 18, 2014PrintBindaas Deploys B2B e-commerce Platform for Su-Kam
Feb 18, 2014Xerox Deploys Cloud Solution for Su-Kam
Feb 26, 2014Bangalore is the fastest growing research lab we have: Xerox CTO Sophie Vandebroek